Motorola’s Take on Tablet Evolution: Teaser Video

The tablet seems to be taking off quite well in the mobile space, so much so that the tablet seems to be the basis of Motorola’s attack when it comes to CES 2011 as they have pushed out a teaser video showing tablet evolution according to the gospel of Motorola.

And naturally we have that “Tablet Evolution” teaser video for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Nilay Patel, over at Engadget by way of ShareMoto, which delivers a one and a half minute trip round a tablet museum starting off with an Egyptian hieroglyphic tablet dated 3200 B.C.

The video then moves through several other tablets up to the Apple iPad where Motorola doesn’t beat about the bush and calls the iPad a giant iPhone followed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab which they say is Android OS but Android OS for a phone.

Then we are treated to a covered gadget sitting on a pedestal with a new red and black Motorola logo underneath with a bee flying round so one would presume it is a Motorola tablet running Honeycomb which will be showcased during CES 2011.

That’s your lot, all you need to do now is mash that play button and check out the array of tablets in this rather well thought out teaser for Motorola at CES 2011…enjoy.

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