BlackBerry, Apple, Orange According to Corbett and Enfield: Video

We have a little humour for our readers today in the form of a video sketch from a recent UK TV one off show called The One Ronnie, and the reason we are posting this laugh a minute footage is because it lambastes the likes of BlackBerry, Apple and Orange.

The One Ronnie video sketch comes our way courtesy of the BBC; however we have a larger version of the video from the BBC YouTube page which can be viewed below and delivers almost three minutes of wise cracking jokes at BlackBerry, Apple and Orange’s expense.

In the sketch, the surviving half of the Two Ronnie’s, Ronnie Corbett walks into a grocers being manned by master of sketches, Harry Enfield, and says…”I brought something from you last week, and I’m very disappointed.” Enfield replies…”Oh yeah, what’s the problem?” Corbett responds…”Well my BlackBerry is not working!”

Corbett then places a frozen BlackBerry fruit on the counter, and the fun commences with pun after pun that’s really got to be seen and heard to be enjoyed and so I’ll just let you mash that play button and have a laugh…enjoy.


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