Lonely Planet City Guide Apps for iOS Devices Free

If you are an owner of the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad and in need of a Lonely Planet City Guide for your iOS device, now is the time to hit iTunes and download them as during Lonely Planet’s Snow Relief Sale all app have received a price drop.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac, each Lonely Planet City Guide app was $6 but is now free of charge for the duration of the sale which ends on the 23rd of this month so better get a shimmy on as free is far better than 6 bucks right?

There are Lonely Planet City Guide apps for AmsterdamBerlinCopenhagen DublinLondonMoscow MunichParisPragueSt. PetersburgStockholmVienna — and Warsaw, all free.

All Lonely Planet City Guide apps for iOS devices are intended to help travellers that become stranded because of snow storms but can be used by anyone and feature location based navigation, points of interest, image galleries, and editorial content and offline maps.

So what are you waiting for hit up the links above or fire up iTunes and grab these free Lonely Planet City Guides for free for your iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad while you still can.

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