WebOS 2.0 Palm Pre 2 Released in Canada by Rogers

For all you Palm Pre 2 hopefuls over in the great white of Canada who have been waiting for the newest webOS smartphone to hit your shores, it appears that your wait to grab the device is finally over.

According to an article over on Electronista, there have been numerous rumours that the webOS 2.0 packing Palm Pre 2 handset would eventually come to Canada on the Rogers Wireless network, but there hasn’t been any release date confirmed.

However; according to the article the Palm Pre 2 is now available for purchase from Rogers. Price wise the Palm Pre 2 will cost $100 when signing up for a 3 year agreement, $350 based on a 2 year contract, $400 on a 1 year term and if you want the device contract free it will set you back $450.

Quick spec reminder, the Palm Pre 2 sports a 3.1 inch touch screen, 1GHz processor, slide out QWERTY keyboard, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, Bluetooth, WiFi, WiFi hotspot functionality, GPS, 16GB storage and 3.5mm jack, and of course the HP WebOS 2.0 OS.

So any of our Canadian buddies going to be hitting up their local Rogers store to snap up the newest smartphone from Palm and HP?

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