Nokia N9: 5 Features It Should Have

Now that the Nokia N8 has proven to be a tried and tested flagship smartphone for Nokia, what about the next flagship device? This will no doubt be the Nokia N9 handset but what features should the Nokia N9 deliver to the customer?

Well the guys over at NokNok have come up with what they believe they would like to see with the Nokia N9, so lets take a look and see if you agree with their wants…

Firstly Nokia has said the Nokia N8 will be the last handset in their N Series to sport the Symbian operating system thus this should mean the Nokia N9 will come out to play carrying the new MeeGo OS.

Next the Nokia N9 should launch sporting a high resolution display to deliver the best possible experience for the user along with Nokia ClearBlack tech which Nokia seems to be putting on more devices.

How about a larger camera? We know just how well the Nokia N8 copes with image and video taking and can at least rival some of the digital cameras out there so packing a 12 megapixel or higher camera into the Nokia N9 along with Carl Zeiss optic would be cool.

Then there’s removable storage, everyone need removable storage on their smartphone so it would be good for the Nokia N9 to sort a microSD slot capable of taking up to 32GB cards.

Lastly for all those that prefer a physical QWERTY keyboard hopefully the Nokia N9 will come with a slide out QWERTY like the Nokia E7 and it doesn’t necessarily have to add a great deal of bulk to the device.

So that’s their thoughts on what they like to see on the Nokia N9, but we’d like o know what our readers would like to see in the way of features come with the Nokia N9, so feel free to shout out your preferences in our comments area below.


13 thoughts on “Nokia N9: 5 Features It Should Have”

  1. Ankur says:

    Here are three features that N9 must have, if Nokia wants to survive in the smartphone market:

    1. Far better hardware: Nokia phones are pathetically and frustratingly slow. N9 must have at least 1GHz processor (even that will be playing catch up), lots of RAM and a dedicated graphics processor. I stopped being a Nokia faithful because of its anaemic sluggish performance. On the other hand, iPhone 4 and other Android phones are so fluid in the hands.
    2. Ultra cool screen: Go for 300 pixels per inch (like in Retina display in iPhone) AMOLED.
    3. Get rid of clunky user interface: Though I have a list of specific pain points in Nokia UI, it is not feasible to put that list here. Here is a hint for Nokia: learn from your Series 40 phones. They are unsung heros of great UIs.

    1. I was like that but then i found out that was a strategy… and from a developer/ hardware developer and designer's point of view, its helpful, they drop out a design that might be too dangerous to release then they see what people say about it, if its all good and positive feedback then they know that they are on the right track… but yes they do work slow

  2. David Wash says:

    Flash Player 10.x with continuing updates for that add-on. They should also aim to avoid upsetting their customer base by dropping any real support for devices which are still under warranty (as occurred with the N900). Full compatibility with all Nokia Ovi services would be great (is absent in the N900). Otherwise your list is pretty complete.

  3. clpeo says:

    @Ankur: You seem to know nothing about the N9. MeeGo is another fucking OS and the future of mobile computing itself.

    @David: That is pretty much a given. Nokia has always had a great relationship with companies like Adobe and Mozilla – and something a lot of people don't know is that Symbian is one of the few OS which supports Silverlight (because of QT, we should see support for MeeGo as well).

    1. Ankur says:

      Not just me, hardly anyone knows anything about N9 at this point. The same with MeeGo — no one knows anything about MeeGo. If Nokia doesn't get it right with MeeGo and lags behind in hardware, Nokia will simply become history. I have been a Nokia phone, but now I hate them.

  4. Matt Frost says:

    I would like to see:

    1)AMOLED or if possible, SUPER AMOLED screen

    2)A Battery that could outlast most mobile on the market

    3)That Meego is at least as fast as Android

    4) micro sd card.

    5) A very decent thickness for a mobile with a keyboard and a touch screen.

    6) at least a camera with 10-12 MP with a kick ass Carl Zeis optics.

    IF Nokia can deliver something like that, they could get back up in the upper part of the smart market, no doubts about it.

  5. Stef says:

    hdmi or dlna. or both
    a better SoC, cortex A9 dual core. 512mb or ram minimum
    better apps like iOS
    minimum RES is WVGA, gorilla glass
    front facing camera

    the most important features for me would be the apps support from 3rd party developpers, OVI on symbian was crap, meego better be more like iOS or android.

  6. 1.A Dual-core 1Ghz processor(1+1=2Ghz)
    2.2GB RAM
    3.Dedicated graphics processor
    4.18 MP camera with 1080p Video recording in 60fps
    5.Better OS with developers' freedom(capable to do all what can a computer do),Instant switch-on for internet/music
    6.1366×768 Resolution screen(same as up-to 15.6" laptop)
    7.Considerably thin, Slide-out QWERTY and all-Carbon-fiber casing(Unbreakable and light weight)
    8.Micro-SD card slot,mini-HDMI,2 micro-USB ports.
    9.Battery life of 10hours talk-time on 4G.

    These are my 9 requests for N9…..

    I may be too much out of the world but if it comes with these specs. this will turn the market upside down!!!!!

  7. D7X says:

    MeeGo is tested on the N900, it is much ahead of Symbian. It has a Mobile version of Firefox browser which supports all its plugins, even facebook applications like Farmville worked on it. It supports Flash lite.
    And Nokia N9 has new rumors that it has a 4.2" CBD display. This was abvious from the video of technobuffalo when they compared it with iP4's 3.5" display. They have also given news that it will have a seperate Graphic Accelerator that can render 190 polygons/ second.

  8. PatrickCCTX says:

    I agree with most of the comments above. But for me if this phone is to be the "son of the N900" it needs to have MeeGo, which will then give it the dedicated group of app developers that Maemo has had, combined with the battery life and camera features of the N8. That means at least 10 megapixels with a Qwerty keyboard and a decent swappable battery.

    And yes, the Finns are slow, but they need to get it right – they cannot afford the types of mistakes that Apple seem to be able to tolerate!

  9. Hehe… I agree with PatrickCCTX "has to be the son of the N900".

    Compared to the N900 I wish the following:
    – has to be thinner.
    – the camera has to be better, especially with dark scenes.
    – better support with Ovi and Ovi SW on the PC. What about Ovi for Linux?
    – AT LEAST the same battery life as it is after the latest kernel update of the N900 (max 3 days for me with average use, no 3G, email-check every 10 minutes).
    – support for imap-push.
    – integrate some of the current N900 user-plugins already in the base system (network shortcuts, menu structure, CPU-load widget, etc…)
    – smoother gps navigation.
    – still maximum compatibility with the real Linux software. For a programmer it's really fantastic when you don't have to change your code or have to change it only slightly to make your app work on another type of device.
    – A central equalizer shared by all apps!
    – Better & smoother & faster music support over bluetooth + physical buttons as well on the case to skip songs (I can perhaps change this behaviour now in the N900 instead of volume change when keeping the button pressed but I didn't investigate…).

    I think that all the rest is ok currently on the N900.

    Compared to Android I hope that Meego will be "nearer" to the official Linux code/kernel. Would be great to be able to use the official linux kernels.

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