Skype Outage Problems: Were You Affected?

It seems there is a problem with the VoIP service Skype in as much there was an outage across the globe with reports in Europe, the United States and Japan, and Skype doesn’t seem to know why.

According to an article over on the BBC, the CEO of Skype, Tony Bates said “We take outages like this really seriously and apologise for the inconvenience users are having.” Bates continued with “Right now it looks like clients are coming on and offline and sometimes they are crashing in the middle of calls. We are deep in the middle of investigating the cause of the problem and have teams working hard to remedy the situation.”

According to an article on ReadWriteWeb, they say they have monitored user complaints that reported the inability to login to Skype along with crashing on all platforms, mobile and computer.

Bates said “all avenues are being explored,” and hasn’t rules out a malicious attack on the service, and estimates that Skype has lost roughly ten million calls due to the outage.

So what we’d like to know is where any of our readers affected by this outage of Skype and if so what problems did you have and is the Skype service working for you now?


12 thoughts on “Skype Outage Problems: Were You Affected?”

  1. Tony Proctor says:

    I live in Ireland but work remotely for a Californian software company. I absolutely rely on Skype for texting, multi-party voice conferencing, video conferences, and using a Skype 'online number' (I have no landline here).

    As of this morning (10am GMT, 23-dec), none of these services were available. I cannot even log into Skype. This is a major disaster for any worker in my situation

    Tony Proctor

  2. Steven says:

    I have had problems signing in to skype for 2 days now and I have also had real poor quality calls when I have been connected. I use the service quite a lot so it has affected me quite badly.

  3. Barry K says:

    I have been having intermittant problems with Skype ever since I installed it, over a year ago.

    At the moment I can’ty get it to work at all – I gonna have to change over to another service if this doesn’t get sorted quickly………….

  4. Irene Mcintosh, uk says:

    Had set up a skpying session for my niece with her friend in New Zealand. No way could we get on line. I was bitterly disappointed as previously we had enjoyed skyping on a regular basis with family in New Zealand.

  5. Juliet says:

    Skype seems to log in for a minute or two and then drop out again but only started happening today (23 Dec), hope it get's fixed soon as have family in Australia that we want to talk to over Christmas 🙁

  6. Bob M says:

    I downloaded and installed a Skype update last night. Following installation I ran the usual tests and it seemed OK but as soon as I tried a test call it went down. Possibly a bug in the update?

  7. REH says:

    I am in Dalian, North East China, not been able to sign in all day either directly or through my VPN's London server but able to sign in by routing through my VPN's Los Angeles server.

  8. Been on and off for about 24 hours now.

    I own a web design company and allow some employees to work offsite. Everyone within my company uses Skype, mainly as an IM service but also for calls from time to time. We keep in touch with each other, suppliers and customers using this method.

    I wouldn't say that it has been disastrous for us but it has certainly been frustrating.

    We all now realise just how important their service is, fingers crossed it wasn't anything malicious so normal service can be resumed quickly.

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