Cydia Jailbreak App Store Tutorial Video

When it comes to the iPhone and applications the official route for gaining iOS apps is of course to use Apple’s official App Store; however those who have jailbroken their device have an app store of their own with Cydia.

Now I’m sure most iPhone users have heard of Cydia, the applications store which enables jailbroken iPhone users to download apps which haven’t been put into the official App Store, but if you are new to Cydia you may no know how to use it.

Thus we have a little tutorial video footage for your viewing pleasure today which shows you how to use the Cydia app store. The video comes our way courtesy of Allyson Kazmucha over at TiPb and lasts just over six minutes.

So, if you require a brief overview of how to use Cydia with your jailbroken iPhone then skip on down, mash that play button and check out this informative tutorial video below…enjoy.

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