Apple and iOS App Makers Sued Over Data Sharing

Several days ago we posted an article on iOS and Android apps sharing personal data, you can refresh your memory on that matter by hitting up (here). Well apparently Apple along with some iOS application makers have had a lawsuit filed against them because of the personal data sharing.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by way of Wired, the lawsuit was filed against Apple and iOS app makers that include Dictionary.com and Pandora in the federal court of Northern California which apparently looks to getting a court order to halt profiling of iPhone users and monetary compensation.

The lawsuit comes on the back of an article by the WSJ which exposed the fact that personal data was being shared by iOS apps made possible by Apple assigning a unique device identifier to their iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad and this unique number can be used by advertising companies for tracking.

One of the lawyers involved in the suit, Majed Nachawati, said…” Apple knew this was an issue. They had a duty to warn consumers and at a minimum, if they intend to profit from this, they need to let people know and get their consent.”

The suit states that iOS applications which send the unique device identifier number along with location info to 3rd-party companies violates business and computer fraud laws and that Apple is also responsible as they approve all iOS apps.

For those who have an interest in reading the documentation of the suit we have the full 28 pages for your viewing pleasure below…

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