Verizon iPhone Domains Acquired

If you still have any doubts that the much talked about Verizon iPhone is going to become a reality perhaps this latest piece of information may convince doubters that the CDMA iPhone will soon be playing nice on the Big Red waves.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac by Mark Gurman, and not necessarily conformation that the iPhone is definitely coming to Verizon Wireless, it looks like everything is heading that way because it appears that Verizon Wireless has just acquired two domain names.

Thos domain names are iPhoneonVerizon.com and iPhoneforVerizon.com, and well if you are not anticipating having the iPhone on your network then there would be no need to acquire such domains right?

Apparently the domains where originally registered via GoDaddy to Jack Benton, who actually also owns iPhoneonSprint.com and iPhoneonATT.com, and then later transferred to the Mark Monitor domain service, and according to the article he was the one who sold or transferred the Verizon iPhone domain to Verizon Wireless.

Apparently hitting up the domains still leads to Benton’s site and not the Big Red, but the rumour is Verizon is doing this is to keep a lid on their acquisition.

So what do our reader’s think; if Verizon has acquired both iPhone domain names does this point to the Verizon iPhone becoming a reality in the not too distant future?

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