Android Newsstand to Challenge Apple iPad News Apps

No doubt when it comes to digital content for smartphones and tablets the current leader in the mobile space is Apple and their iTunes store; however Google and Android doesn’t want Apple to have it all their own way when if comes to mobile publications at least.

According to an article over on Eweek, and by way of the Wall Street Journal, the Google guys are cooking up an Android publication to challenge the Apple iPad newspaper and magazine applications and take on Apple iTunes store.

Apparently Google is approaching several publishers with a view to building mobile apps of their publications for the Android platform on both smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore apparently Google would take less of a cut than Apple 30% which Apple takes from sales of apps from iTunes, and apparently Google has suggested supplying personal data about app purchases to publishers, something that may make potential app buyers a tad apprehensive.

Neither confirming nor denying their plans, Google said in a statement… “We’ve consistently said we’re talking with publishers about ways we can work together, including whether we can help them with technology for subscription services. We have nothing specific to announce at this time.”

Well let’s face it; with Apple having magazine apps for the iPhone and Apple iPad it obviously would lead to other app stores taking the same route, the big question is though will Google be able to make the Android versions a bigger success than the iOS versions?

For the full low-down on what’s going down we have a short video on the matter courtesy of the WSJ below so hit up that play button and check it out..enjoy.

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