Farmville and Riots the Prisoners Mobile Phone Pastime

If at some point you are naughty and break the law you end up I the nick, doing a stretch which can be quite boring, however as we all know prison inmates have a habit of being able to get hold of mobile phones which have been smuggled into the prison.

So what do prisoners do with their smuggled mobile phone? Well according to an article over on Intomobile by Marc Flores, and by way of the Consumerist and the New York Times, those prisoners with smuggled devices coordinate riots and play Farmville.

Yes Facebook Farmville fans the next time you get your crops cared for by that unknown person you have befriended, they could be a prison inmate.

So just where do inmates get these contraband cell phones? Well according to the Consumerist: “Prisoners can score the devices from guards, relatives and convicts, costing between $300 and $1,000, and associates on the outside pay the monthly bills to keep the phones going. The Times reports prisoners use phones for everything from coordinating riots to playing FarmVille.”

And according to the New York Times, a Georgia State prison counterfeiter who is serving 3 years ticks off the remaining days on his Facebook page, and accesses Facebook via his Samsung smartphone from which he plays Farmville and helped coordinate a strike amongst inmates.

Apparently an inmate at Smith State Prison in Georgia who was interviewed said “Almost everybody has a phone. Almost every phone is a smartphone. Almost everybody with a smartphone has a Facebook.”

Makes you wonder just what type of security these prisons have doesn’t it, I mean if a prisoner has access to a smartphone they can contact the outside world and basically arrange just about anything, so the war against phones in prison is being lost by those that run the correction facilities.

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