Apple iPad and iPhone Accessories: Cinemin Slice Dock and Projector

Well if you are going to use a dock for your iPhone or Apple iPad why not use one that offers a bit more than the usual iOS dock perhaps something like the WowWee Cinemin Slice dock for iPhone and iPad.

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, according to an article over on TiPb by Leanna Lofte, and by way of Macstories, the WowWee Cinemin Slice dock for the iPhone and Apple iPad also features a Pico Projector which enables the user to project their games, images, movies, videos and the like onto a flat surface.

Spec wise the WowWee Cinemin Slice features a 30-pin connector which is compatible with the iPhone, iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and of course the Apple iPad with docking trays included, image size up to 63 inches, 16:9 aspect ratio, WCGA resolution, manual focus, Mini HDMI port and AV ports, and a 6 watt speaker system, headphone jack and infrared remote control.

Now for the hard part, the Cinemin Slice Dock for iPhone and iPad is available from WowWee and will set you back quite a hefty $429.99 so would make quite a dent in your wallet for throwing your stuff onto the wall or ceiling.

And just so you can check out the WowWee Cinemin Slice dock for iPhone and iPad we have a quick CES 2011 video for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Stuff Magazine, so punch they play button and enjoy.

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