Windows Phone 7 Coming to Verizon and Sprint by End of June

So just when can Verizon Wireless and Sprint user expect to be able to pick up a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 smartphone on their network? Well apparently there is a few months wait yet for Microsoft’s new operating system to play nice on both carriers.

According to an article over on the Seattle Times by Sharon Chan, during Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s keynote at CES 2011 said that the Windows Phone 7 software would be ready for Sprint and Verizon, however apparently the director of the mobile communications business for Microsoft, Aaron Woodman has stated “devices would be ready on both networks by June 30.”

Steve Ballmer has said that there are now 5500 applications available in the Marketplace for Windows Phone with 100 new apps being added each day and in excess of half of Windows Phone 7 users are downloading a new application daily. Although that’s still a long way off the likes of iOS and Android when it comes to apps.

Microsoft still isn’t letting on anything new about just how well Windows Phone 7 is selling and only sated previously that manufacturers have shipped some 1.5 million handsets,

Apparently customer satisfaction with Windows Phone 7 is high according to Microsoft with 9 out of 10 customers on AT&T saying they would recommend Windows Phone 7 smartphones, and Woodman says “We feel really good. Long term we want to drive volume business. Short term we want people to recommend us.”

Woodman also confirmed that users are using windowsphone.live.com to manage their handset with pictures taken by a device auto-uploading to the website and users can locate their device by making it ring even in vibrate mode if they have misplaced it.

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