iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Accessories: OtterBox Reflex Series Intro Video

Accessory maker OtterBox obviously don’t think their Defender, Impact and Commuter series of cases for the iPhone and BlackBerry are enough and thus have apparently introduced the new OtterBox Reflex Series for the iPhone 4 and BlackBerry.

According to Simon Sage of Intomobile the OtterBox Reflex Series is for the iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 and features an elastic TPE rubber cushion on the corners which apparently enables the device to “bounce” when dropped.

The OtterBox Reflex Series layers are moulded together into a shell that easily comes apart for docking and apparently was inspired by a vehicle’s “crumple zone,” meaning the OtterBox Reflex case folds on impact but unlike with a vehicle, the case reforms back into shape.

Apparently there’s no point in rushing to order one of these new cases yet as ther are not in stock but once they are will command a price tag of $44.95.We have a short one minute introduction video of the OtterBox Reflex Series for your viewing pleasure below so check it out and enjoy.

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