Cydia iGotYa iPhone App Alternative to FindmyiPhone: Video

So for those of you that do not have a jailbroken iPhone there is the FindmyiPhone app so you can locate your misplaced or stolen iPhone; however if you do own a jailbroken iPhone there is an app on Cydia that can capture an image of whoever is using your stolen iPhone.

The Cydia app is called iGotYa, and apparentl can snap a picture of the person using your iPhone via the front facing camera when they enter the wrong passcode and send that picture to any email adress with the GPS location, sounds like an app Jailbroken iPhone users can’t do without.

And we have a video demo of the iGotYa app for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of iPhone Arena which lasts just over two minutes and Steve Chi of Redmond Pie says compared to FindmyiPhone, iGotYa is a lot sneakier.

To use the iGotYa app you can download it from Cydia as long as your iPhone is jailbroken and is running iOS 4.0 or above; so all you need do now is punch that play button and check out the iGotYa app from Cydia…enjoy.


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