Whitepaper: Which telephone system is right for your SME business?

Cloudnet Teleommunications Ltd provides SMEs with objective information and advice to aid decision making when purchasing a new business phone system.

This guide provides a summary of the essentials of a business phones system and lists factors Ofcom has identified to consider when purchasing a new system, such as reliability and resilience, service levels and ability to operate across multiple sites.

In addition, the guide compares: dedicated broadband Internet connections vs separate telephone connections; and types of phone systems including hosted vs on-site PBX. A complete independent listing of all the business phones systems available in the UK provides SMEs with indicative costs, and the whitepaper lists the questions to ask a potential supplier.

Advice on what action to take if an SME’s needs change is also included, with a summary of in-house system maintenance options and tips on how to ensure your new system is an open one that will work with your business’ existing equipment.

Here is a brief list of contents within the whitepaper:

  • Introduction
  • Industry Structure
  • The Internet And Broadband
  • What Landlines Are Available?
  • Phone Systems In Your Building
  • Hosted vs. On-Site
  • What’s On The Market–Complete Listing Of All Systems
  • Costs
  • Questions To Ask Supplier
  • Conclusion
  • Essentials Of A Phone System

If you would like to see the whitepaper in PDF format please visit Cloudnet’s website at http://www.cloudnetuk.com/smes-buyers-guide-to-phone-systems/ all you need to do is fill out the form on the right of their website and then the white paper can be downloaded.

The images below feature Ltd founder and chairman David Hill and Danielle Cochrane, please do feel free to comment below.


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