Apple Shouldn’t Have App Store Trademark Says Microsoft

A couple of giants in the mobile space are going at it hammer and tongs over trademarking. It appears that Microsoft is somewhat miffed at Apple trying to trademark the term “App Store” for their iTunes online application store.

According to an article over on Inomobile by Marc Flores and by way of Techflash, Microsoft has escallated the battle to halt iPhone giant Apple from trademarking the well known term “App Store” and has asked the Patent and Trademark Office to refuse Apple’s request.

The basis of the request from Microsoft is that the term “App Store” it a generic name and thus Apple can’t claim exclusivity over it. So basically Windows Phone 7 maker Microsoft is saying that the term is so generic it can be applied to all application stores on the market.

However, according to Apple the term “App Store” is already well known in the mobile space as a “reference to Apple’s extraordinarily well-known APP STORE mark and the services rendered by Apple thereunder.”

In this argument I figure I have to agree with Apple, when people think about the term “App Store” they instinctively think of the Apple App Store and iPhone apps. So do our readers agree with Apple or Microsoft on this matter?


2 thoughts on “Apple Shouldn’t Have App Store Trademark Says Microsoft”

  1. Arran says:

    To be honest: I've always thought the iPhone was overpriced, good but overpriced, so I've never had one or anything Apple for that matter.
    But for me the phrase App Store is generic, if I think of The App Store is does not make me think of Apple, the iPhone or any one provider.
    iTunes App Store is for Apple, Android Market is for Android and the Market Place is still a mile down the road near the bridge and only open 4 days a week.

  2. Di. says:

    Amen! Me too, I have a Droid – the original first one and it has the Market. It is "my App Store" which I always considered a generic term. I too feel that Apple is over the top with the ads and arrogance. They were the first with their itunes place and have a terrific broad set up but with my Android Market I can't go wrong. How many apps will one put on a phone? So the number of apps will not make itunes a winner. I love the looks of the new Droid Bionic and the Samsung S2 if that is what it is named. It will have their own "App Store."

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