Mysterious Button-less Verizon HTC Smartphone Spotted

Well it appears that Verizon may be getting a new HTC device at some point in the future as the word is when HTC Sync was updated a few days ago it contained an image of a mysterious unnamed Verizon branded HTC handset.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, the guys over at Phandroid managed to pull the image above from HTC Sync which is of a button-less Verizon branded device.

Apparently there were 3 images in all, one of the HTC Thunderbolt which we all know about, another was apparently of the HTC Merge and lastly was this mysterious unnamed and unknown HTC device.

The Phandroid guys say the frame isn’t like any other Verizon device they have seen; however, Kelly suggests that the image configuration may point towards an Android Honeycomb tablet rather than a handset, but then again the placement of the Verizon logo would suggest it isn’t an HTC Android tablet.

So any guesses at what this mysterious Verizon bound HTC device could be, new smartphone or new tablet? Feel free to voice your suggestions in our comments area below.

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