Is Verizon iPhone Faster than AT&T? Videos

Now that the Verizon iPhone is due to hit the mobile space in a few weeks there is of course the usual debate about whether Verizon’s new CDMA iPhone will be faster than the iPhone 4 on AT&T, well let’s find out.

We have a few speed test comparison videos for your viewing pleasure today, the first courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog by way of Intomobile that pit’s the Verizon iPhone against an AT&T iPhone in a speed test and shows Verizon is the clear winner.

However, numerous commenter’s on the video’s YouTube page state that the Verizon iPhone didn’t have its cache and cookies cleared and thus had the website in its “recent websites” so naturally it came out faster.

So we sourced a couple of other Verizon iPhone verses AT&T iPhone speed test videos courtesy of Laptop Mag, the first of which loading a CNN webpage which the Verizon iPhone was a few seconds faster than the AT&T version.

The next video the test shows at least in that location the test was done, the Verizon iPhone is not only faster than AT&T it’s also apparently fast enough to speed up an AT&T iPhone.

So is the Verizon iPhone faster than the AT&T iPhone? It would appear so, but you can check out the videos below and judge for yourself and feel free to post your opinions to our comments area…enjoy.


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