Motorola Xoom Gets Priced Lower Than Apple iPad 2

One of the big rivals to the upcoming next generation Apple iPas, the Apple iPad 2 according to tech pundits is the new Motorola Xoom tablet which features the latest Android operating system out of Google, Android Honeycomb.

According to an article over on the Chicago Indie Press, Motorola expects to ship somewhere around 800, 000 Motorola Xoom tablets to Verizon stores along with a multitude of Motorola Xoom accessories.

So what price will the Motorola Xoom go for and will it undercut the upcoming Apple iPad 2? Well according to the article, Car Toys rep Brian Jones has stated…“While we won’t stock the Xoom, I have a friend at the Verizon store who has already seen the pricing. He said the basic version of the Motorola Xoom will enter between $250 and $299. I think the iPad 2 will start at $599.”

Spec wise the Motorola Xoom offers a 1GHz dual-core processor, rear 5 megapixel camera, front facing 2 mega pixel camera, 1280 x 800 display, 1080p HD video support, Adobe Flash Player, 720p video, HDMI out, and upgradeable to play nice on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

If true then the Android Honeycomb toting Motorola Xoom will indeed be priced substantially lower than the Apple iPad 2, so does this make you want to opt for the Motorola Xoom or do you really want to stick it out for the Apple iPad 2?


11 thoughts on “Motorola Xoom Gets Priced Lower Than Apple iPad 2”

  1. Ray says:

    For non-business utility x-pads for home and gaming used exclusively on WiFi, I suspect price-feature will drive the new numbers. I was an early iPad adopter and since 12/25, we are a 2 iPad household with a total investment of just under $1000. However, for the couch use of our iPads, I would have opted to save money since they are primarily used for Internet browsing.
    While $499 for the 16G WiFi iPad is not bad, if I can get more features, more pixels, and a faster CPU, then why the heck not? Even if the battery life of an x-pad were 4 hours, that is not a concern for home-bound users. Coast-coast air travelers are probably going to have to stick with the iPads for a while, however, since the battery life is remarkable.

    1. nit says:

      I agree. I mean the Barnes and Noble Color Nook is priced at $250. There is no way that the Motorola Xoom, which is filled with far fancier technology, would be priced the same way. It would be awesome if it was though. I would look in to getting one myself if it was really so cheap.

  2. xem says:

    Absolute rubbish. When Tegra 2 equivalent phones are running $600 off contract, a dual core hi res tablet is going to be less than half the price?

    What a douche way to boost website hits.

  3. betterBunder600 says:

    I would buy 3 if its 300 bucks. Its only a dream. Back to the reality, your friend must be lying about the price. Hopefully its under 600 bucks.

  4. According to this link posted below the price will be $600 for an unsubsidized wifi only b/g/n XOOM tablet.
    Although this is more than an Ipad, I feel that Android is a better system with a brighter future.
    Android has the potential to change the way we use computers and is most definitely the better choice for users with limited funds to purchase apps. (Lots of applications for free on android)
    Angry Birds free on Android vs $.99 on Iphone.
    Google has done a brilliant job of leveraging Open Source Linux kernel, while simultaneously creating a thriving marketplace for savy developers a place to show of their wares.


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