Shazam QT App Developed For Nokia N8, C7 and C6-01: Now Available

If you love Shazam and you really like Nokia mobile phones you will be happy to know that Shazam has developed a specific app designed for the Nokia N8, C7 and the C6-01 and it is available now.

Before we let you know about this app we would like to let you know that Shazam is also launching this service on E7 devices in February.

The specifically developed Shazam app for the Nokia N8, C7 and the C6-01 is ready and waiting for you right now to download via the Nokia Ovi store, this service will also be pre-loaded on all Nokia N8 handsets in the coming months.

This specific app has been developed using what is called QT, using QT makes it all possible to build certain applications once and then can be deployed on the
Symbian and MeeGo software platforms.

Shazam on QT has many features such as tour information for tagged artists, YouTube videos, Shazam Tag chart and you can purchase music via the Ovi Music store.

This new app is free with a 30-day unlimited free trial of features from the premium Shazam Encore service, once the trial has end costs will be as follows: a one time fee is priced at £2.99 / €3.99, or you can opt for the 5 songs per month for free. Shazam on QT is now available in over 200 countries in 28 languages.

For more information please visit shazam.com and be kept up to date via @ShazamNews Twitter feed, you can also visit the Shazam Blog

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