Nokia X7 Not Coming to AT&T?

Not too long ago it was rumoured that a Nokia smartphone would be hitting the US of A on the AT&T network and the presumption was the device would be the Nokia X7 as there have been numerous sightings of the Nokia X7 sporting the AT&T logo.

However, according to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Andrew Munchbach, several reports doing the rounds that say Nokia and AT&T are not partnering to bring the Nokia X7 to AT&T or the US.

During CES 2011 AT&T announced a QT enabled Symbian smartphone sporting 4 external speaker was due on AT&T in Q1 2011 which sparked the rumours it would be the Nokia X7 device.

However according to articles over on Pocket Now and My Nokia Blog, the Nokia X7 has been cancelled citing “persons familiar with the matter” although that hasn’t been confirmed by AT&T or Nokia.

So if the rumour is true it looks like anyone in the US wanting to grab the Nokia X7 once it is finally released will have to go the unlocked handset route again rather than picking it up from AT&T.


4 thoughts on “Nokia X7 Not Coming to AT&T?”

  1. Vulcan says:

    This rumour is not true, actually it makes no sense at all. Read the original PocketNow rumour and you will understand. They clearly claim that the announcement day was to be the day before Barcelona (14.1.), so that Nokia would have launched the device on SUNDAY 13.2.2011. The Nokia-hater from the Engadget that wrote the story both gives the date for Sunday and explains it to be the day before MWC. That is impossible date. Nokia never ever announces anything on Sundays. Stupid. Completely made-up story.

    AT&T just started to ship Nokia C7 loaners to those participating into Nokia & AT&T "Calling all innovators 10M" applications competition last week. Why AT&T would gear up efforts at the same time they would have decided not to take those new devices? Makes no sense again.

  2. korumbooru says:

    This is irresponsible journalism. You have to confirm things before posting craps, US centric medias are Nokia haters everyone knows that.! Qt enabled symbian device will launch in Q1 through at&t whether it's X7 or anything else

  3. Nokia X7 is the best smart phone ever which has been produced in the cell phone history.. The impressive thing is it has all the main priorities which must be included in a smart phone..

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