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Do you like chatting? Well have you ever considered the Samsung Chat 335 aka Samsung Ch@t as it is spelled originally? Nice phone cheap prices are always good together, who said there is no love.

The Samsung Chat (Ch@) 335 looks similar to a BlackBerry mobile phone and loves emailing and messaging like a BlackBerry, this handset is all about emails, social networking, texting etc thanks to it features within.

The phone is fairly slim and has a QWERTY keyboard, you can program the keys how you see fit like if you press the ‘A’ button that could take you to the alarm clock. The Chat 335 also comes with multi-key support, which basically means you can press multiple keys at once to email, text or instant message whilst on the go. The 335 also have a little optical trackpad below the display screen.

Above I mentioned that the Samsung Chat is a social network love and that is thanks to it supporting Facebook, MySpace, Facebook Chat, Flickr, Twitter, there are many email accounts you can add as well. It also features messenger clients like GTalk, MSN Messenger, Palringo, Yahoo and more.

Main Features Include: Built-in FM radio, microSD card slot for up to 8GB, MP3 player, 3.5mm audio jack, Bluetooth, find music feature, Samsung Apps Store, 2 MP camera with flash and much more.

You can purchase the handset on Orange pay as you go for only £69.95 Plus £10 top-up, which comes to a total of £79.95, O2 or T-Mobile network will be £79.95 Plus £10 top-up a total of £89.95.

If you would prefer to be on a contract the cheapest price is only £8.68 per month and the handset is free, this Talkmobile Talker (24-months) contract deal offers you 100 minutes Anytime Any network and 100 texts per month.

For more information and option to buy please visit Carphone Warehouse right now as not to miss out on some great prices.


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  1. Mdjstowey says:

    hey i have found an even better price for this phone!! 49.97!!! from tesco mobile. tesco mobile is also a really great network to be on!! i cannot wait to buy this phone, it looks amazing!!

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