White iPhone 4 via Vodafone de (Germany) Inventory

Remember when all the hot news was surrounding the white iPhone 4, well that news retired up until now because this white version of the Apple smartphone has been spotted.

If you visit Engadget you will see a few screenshots of the Vodafone de (Germany) inventory list showing weiß (white) iPhone 4s in both 16 and 32GB versions, is Apple and Foxconn about to bring out the white iPhone 4 at last or is this an error on someone’s part?

We always take this sort of news lightly until the real official news has been announced but nether the less it is clearly showing the white iPhone 4, which is something to think about until it becomes official.

Sorry for the short news but we will keep you posted to see if this all becomes true or not, it could be a mistake in the Vodafone system. What do you think? All comments are greatly appreciated.

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