BT Broadband Price Cuts by Ofcom: Competition Encouragement

Are you with BT Broadband and would like a price cut? Well if the answer is yes you will be happy to know that telecoms regulator Ofcom is stepping in and forcing BT to cut its prices.

BT has been forced to cut wholesale broadband prices in certain areas it is a sole provider of internet connectivity, the reason Ofcom is putting this in force is because it will encourage more competition.

As you know BT is not the only broadband provider and such move would bring competition encouragement, over 3-million homes across UK could benefit if prices cuts are enforced.

According to ITPro around 12 per cent of all households in areas such as Yorkshire, South West, Cumbria, Norfolk, Northumberland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. This new pricing should come into force in the summer.

Please let us know if these price cuts will benefit you, are you happy with your BT broadband setup?

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