LG Cosmos Touch Case in Red: Enhance & Protect

If you own the LG Cosmos Touch (VN270) mobile phone then might we suggest protecting it, not only will you be giving it that extra securing against bumps and scratches you will also be enhancing the look of your handset.

Say hello to the LG Cosmos Touch VN270 rubberized plastic case in hot red, many cases look bulky and boring but that cannot be said about this one.

To install this case onto your handset could not be simpler, basically just snaps on in seconds on both sides and job done. This is a custom molded case to fit the LG Cosmos Touch VN270 and is custom cut with access to all buttons and ports.

Main features Include: Elegant, Stylish, Thin design not to make your handset look bulky, Light weight, strong ABS plastic, and durable, plus a cool Rubberized Matte Coating that gives you non slip surface.

Accessory Geeks are selling this case for only $12.99, which is better than the original price of $16.99 or order 2 of these cases for only $8.99 each.

Just A Quick Recap About the LG Cosmos Touch: We do recommend you visiting CNET for their hands on review of this handset, they say that the good points are due to the stylish design and that the keyboard is roomy and very easy to use. However, the bad points include the touchscreen not be responsive enough and the features are the same as its predecessors.

Please check out the images below with the case fitted to the LG Cosmos Touch mobile phone, you can also check out the hands-on treatment via our previous article here.

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