Angry Birds Going Pink for Valentines Day 2011

There are thousands of fans of the multi-platform mobile game Angry Birds and we’ve already seen numerous versions of the game such as a Halloween version and a Christmas version and of course Rovio isn’t going to miss out of love day.

According to an article over on Slash Gear by Chris Burns, and by way of Electric Pig, Rovio is working on a special Valentines Day edition of Angry Birds which sees the game turn pink.

Apparently this was released the news by way of a Deutsche Welle YouTube video, which of course we have for your viewing pleasure below, and states…“The designers and game developers at Rovio are currently working on new versions of their game, like this update in pink, due to come on the market on February the 14th — Valentine’s Day.”

The video lasts just over five minutes and gives a little insight into how Angry Birds came about and also makes mention of Cut the Rope. However unfortunately they don’t mention whether the Angry Birds Valentines Day edition will be hitting both iOS devices and Android devices…enjoy.


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