Apple Changes iPhone 4 Screws to Keep Users Out: Video

Apparently Apple doesn’t want any iPhone 4 owner getting inside of their iPhone 4 and is taking steps to make sure those owners can get inside the device to tinker with internals or whatever.

According to an article over on The Inquirer by Asavin Wattanajantra, a report by the guys over at iFixit is saying that some US iPhone 4 owners who sent their handset in for repair have found that on return of their smartphone, Apple has changed the screws to “tamper-proof” ones.

Apple doesn’t apparently inform the owner of the screw switch either when they swap out the iPhone 4 Philips Torx screws and replaces them with “Pentalobular” screws which apparently are already shipped on the Japanese iPhone.

Apparently the “Pentalobular” screws are tamper-proof because there are no “readily available” screwdrivers that can remove them meaning unless a user goes in search of a Pentalobular screwdriver they aren’t going to get inside.

The Pentalobular screws are similar to the Torx screws but rather have 5 rounded edges than 6 points. We have a video for your viewing pleasure below from iFixit explaining the situation so hititup and check it out and feel free to voice your opinion in our comments area.

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