iPhone 4 Accessories: Retro Calculator Case

If you are a lover on numbers and want to change the way your iPhone 4 looks and give it a more retro feel you might like to check out the iPhone 4 Retro calculator case, although the calculator doesn’t actually work.

According to an article over on Intomobile by James Falconer and by way of Gizmodo and Chip Chick, this retro calculator case for your iPhone is even 3D and is a clear hard plastic case with a flat calculator decal.

Have to say though that flat decal sure does look convincing although they do say that your custom iPhone 4 case or wallet will be handcrafted to order so may vary from the image slightly.

So if you fancy tarting up your iPhone 4 will a little retro calculator love, you can order the iPhone 4 Retro Calculator case from Etsy where the case will hit your pocket for a not too harsh $19.50.


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