iPhone 5 Release, More Suppliers, New Processor & Baseband

Sorry for the long title but it is as short as we could get it, this one covers the Apple iPhone 5 release debut, getting more suppliers, new processors and baseband technology.

Verizon is getting the new iPhone 4 and it seems that is nearly forgotten, and it has not even been released yet. This time it is all about the new upcoming iPhone 5 and today thanks to a few sources we can reveal a few details so please buckle up and enjoy the read.

According to ITProPortal Apple has decided to add massive names on its suppliers list to existing contracted component manufacturers for the new iPhone 5, apparently some of the big names tipped to supply the components include Foxlink, Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE), Foxconn Electronics and Epistar have joined in with Unimicron Technology and Compeq Manufacturing with Japanese-based Foster being left in the dark.

According to the source above the estimated orders are going to be worth somewhere in the region of $172 million initially, apparently and hopingly the new Apple iPhone 5 smartphone will release on the expected June 6, 2011 with it hitting the shelves a few weeks later.

Compelling Mind talks a little about the processor and baseband, apparently the new iPhone 5 will come fitted with a much faster Qualcomm A8 processor along with baseband. The iPhone 4 currently has the A4 and that seems to work fine so to read about the new iPhone 5 housing the A8 is a god send to Apple device lovers.

Please take the above with a pinch of salt until the official announcements have been made, we still value your comments though.

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