iTunes Store $10,000 Gift Card Winner is UK Woman

As part of Apple’s celebration of their 10 billionth iOS application being downloaded Apple ran a promotion that would see the person who downloaded that 10 billionth app would win an iTunes gift card to the value of $10,000, which apparently was won by a woman in the UK.

According to an article over on T3, Apple has come forward an announced that the winner of the iTunes $10,000 gift card was mother Gail Davis from Kent UK whose daughter had downloaded the Paper Glider game from iTunes.

Apparently when Apple rang Gail, she thought it was a joke and didn’t take the call, and said, “I had that moment of blind panic, but Apple kindly phones me back and said I was the winner.”

Gail spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live saying, “I have to confess it wasn’t me who downloaded it but my daughters.”

The Paper Glider game is made by Neon Play is a free download, which enables users to see how far they can throw a paper plane and is according to iTunes the number one game in the US and UK.


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