LG Ally Android Froyo 2.2 Update Problems

Do you own the LG Ally smartphone? Well if you do you will be happy to know the new Verizon Android 2.2 Froyo update is now available to download and we would love to know how you are getting on.

The new Android 2.2 Froyo update for the LG Ally has new features that should improve your security options, enhance browser performance that should make it run a lot faster for JavaScript pages, enhances screen rotation app compatibility and much more.

If you would like to install the update manually all you need to do is go to Menu > Settings > About Phone > System updates.

The over-the-air (OTA) LG VS740ZVD update via Verizon Wireless is 52.3 MB and should take around 10 to 20 minutes to complete, please let us know how long your update took.

If you encounter any problems what so ever we would love to know about them, did the update run smoothly, has it froze your LG Ally, you know the drill. Post all problems in the comments area below.

Source β€” Android Police and Mobile Burn


204 thoughts on “LG Ally Android Froyo 2.2 Update Problems”

  1. mike says:

    update only took me around 5 minutes, haven't played with it much but no problems yet. the call screen and contact list look way better! the main thing i've noticed so far is they finally combined recent calls into threads by contact instead of it showing every single time i've played phone tag back and forth with my girl friend.

  2. Scoot bar says:

    I got my update last night. It took maybe 7 or 8 minutes. I haven't had any problems yet but I am PO'd that it didn't come with Flash or Swype. It does seem to be faster than it was before though. I would like to know if there any alternatives for Flash. Or can I install it on my device. Thanks

  3. tonya says:

    Just got the update today and I like it so far. I have noticed a few changes with the messages and the screen rotation. It is faster and the update only took about 10 minutes (I did it early in the am). Overall I think this phone is the best one I ever had and am really happy with it.

  4. Ehrin says:

    The update crippled my text messaging on two phones. I called Verizon abd after they “fixed” my phone it only makes and receives calls, no internet, text, or data.

  5. Reset all notifications. I had some crazy gangsta rap song. Gmail has been disconnecting all day and sending captchas to my phone. Please send link explaining the new benefits of froyo 2.2 and I’ll be glad to blog about it.


    John Peters.

    Ps. If this info was helpful u can discount my hellatious bill.

    1. bababenny says:

      LOL! My wife's phone is doing the same thing. Whenever she sends a Yahoo Messenger message that crazy song plays. WTF? Did you ever figure out how to fix it?

  6. John says:

    The update ruined my Ally. The update went smoothly, took about 15 minutes. Now it reboots every time I try to make a phone call and is constantly making me create new password for my email account (outlook exchange). It is eating up the battery and the phone gets hot. Just a total mess. Going to verizon store tomorrow.

    1. Alisha says:

      Mine is eating up the battery too, and when I plug it in the charge it doesn't charge, it says it is "discharging!" What the hell, my phone is dying…

  7. garrett says:

    the new update is terrible. it froze my phone for a good 2 hours after the update was installed. Its now telling me that i cant recieve new messages until i delete some, even though before the update it had no problem recieving messages

    1. Eve says:

      yes it froze my phone too, plus I keep getting an ERROR message about my phone storage being too full!! I never got that before this update. it changed my wallpaper, and when I make a call I can't end it cuz it freezes up ..I have to keep rebooting. πŸ™ also I put it on my docking station and the time froze up, it was still the same time as when I put it on the docking station!! when I went to open up crazy birds, it said it was loading, but it kept going back to my home screen!! ??? will be going to the Verizon store this weekend for sure.. I dunno what they did but it sucks big time!! how can I uninstall this update???

    2. Andrew says:

      I'm having the same issue with mine. I've completely cleared all the apps that I can off my phone and it still says I need to make more space for incoming messages. This is also after I've cleared my old text messages and call history.

  8. chelsea says:

    texts and outgoing calls are currently not working. tried restarting the phone and taking out the battery but didnt work. wish i wouldnt have updated.

  9. kimberley says:

    I got the update around 4pm eastern today and since then have not been able to make phone calls or receive and send texts. I am not even able to call verizon. I am so unhappy with this update.

  10. david cook says:

    At first I thought it was frozen after resetting from the update…but after 10 minutes on the opening android splash screen it completed the installation. The only issue I have right now is forced closes on youtube.

    1. D Mike says:

      You can do two things to rectify the 'force close,' you can go to Settings-> Applications-> Manage applications and then 'clear data" on the Youtube app, or go to Settings-> Privacy, then do a factory reset

  11. Tommcq says:

    I own an Ally, it updated last night and has been running so much better. The install went smoothly and now the interface looks better and runs better. Not a single flaw found yet, very happy!!

  12. Logan says:

    Since the recent update, my phone has a message up that says "25 new emails." Since seeing this notification, I have deleted all emails, both in Gmail and the Email app, and the message remains. I even cleared the data out of both apps.

    1. Julia says:

      i am having that same problem and none of my emails will come in.
      i changed my email on facebook to my gmail email one so i get notified instantly and none of them will come through.
      i dont know whats going on but its making me want to get rid of the phone. :/

  13. kyle says:

    Woke up this morning, looked at my phone and saw the epic update window, and as I glanced at this amazing sight, in my mind were only the words… Its here…..

  14. Lisa says:

    Download and install took about 10-15 minutes, and went smoothly. I received my update Friday night. I’m enjoying the enhancements on my phone! The best part I think, is the ability to run apps from the SD card.

  15. Alex says:

    It sucks up the phone hardcore. I don't think it took even ten minutes to download, but its freezes all the time and even delays texts for hours at a time

  16. soloman grungy says:

    The update totally crashed my home screen. Made my phone a brick. But after a full reset ala home,power,volume key reset it updated again and fixed the problem. Still no flash player. The update was really another way to sell another service from VZW. The mobile hot spot addition got me excited till I figured out it was another 20 bucks.

  17. Morgan Scott says:

    I was excited to see that the phone was finally being updated, however now i regret pushing the "install now" option. This so called "update" has ruined my phone. I can no longer receive SMS or MMS text messaging and when I try to even open my messages the phone freezes. I tried doing everything possible to fix this problem, hopefully ill find the solution soon.

    -very dissapointed verizion customer πŸ™

  18. Morgan Scott says:

    I was excited to see that the phone was finally being updated, however now i regret pushing the "install now" option. This so called "update" has ruined my phone. I can no longer receive SMS or MMS text messaging and when I try to even open my messages the phone freezes. I tried doing everything possible to fix this problem, hopefully ill find the solution soon.

    -very disappointed verizon customer πŸ™

  19. Brittany says:

    my ally updated and i cannot find how to turn my phone on silent. also i use handcent for my texts not the regular messaging and with the update everytime i turn on the screen it says how many new messages i have but it will not go away unless i go to the regular messaging screen.

  20. David says:

    The updated ruined my phone. The phone only works if I use a mic-headphone plug to the small jack connector. The speaker function don't work, Everything runs great, except the phone, funny because I though my phone was actually A PHONE. Now is everything else but a phone.

  21. Mr. Savage says:

    Got my update around 4am Saturday night. I noticed the differences right away. Nothing wrong with text messaging, freezing or an email issue. For those who don’t know, Flash has it’s requirements. The ally has a 600mhz processor, WVGA screen with 800×480 resolution. With a WVGA screen, the phone needs at least an 800mhz processor. I wanted flash too and even thought about getting a DROID 2. But my ally is the perfect size for me and I love the keyboard. If LG were to make an Ally 2 with the same keyboard, a 3.5 – 3.8in screen and 1ghz processor, I would get one in a heart beat.

  22. Doug says:

    The update wasn't all that great. On my Ally, the screen shuts off and turns on constantly when I'm making a call and my wife's Ally can make calls but not receive any. Is there a way to uninstall the update?

  23. Evonne Vanderhorst says:

    Not sure if this is related to the update, but it seems that since I've updated (which only took about 5 minutes), many of my applications don't work correctly. I had to redownload Twidroyd because it wouldn't open (said I had to force close). Then, it worked for a few hours but now says that it can't connect, as do all of my other applications needing the internet (email, gmail, facebook, etc.). The slightly altered design is great but I've never had this problem with the web connection since I've had the phone, so I can only assume that it has to do with the update. Also, in the process of updating, a ringtone that I had paid for was deleted.

    -Also, a very disappointed Verizon customer.

  24. Brian says:

    I’ve had 2.2 for a few days now. Before the ota release it was availible on LGs website using their online mobile updated. Just had to tether the phone the the conputer. I’ve had nothing but good experiences so far. One thing I have an issues with is that my camera stopped working 3 days before I updated, I thought that it might be a software issue and the 2.2 update may fix it, but alas, no such luck. Took the phone into Verizon were they determined it was a hardware problem and are sending me a new Ally, so I get to update to 2.2 twice!

  25. have three phones. all the phone have experienced the same gliches. from not being able to end a call in which the phone must be shut down and restarted. not receiving calls and texts even if the phone are in same room. internet and apps freeze or are so slow its riduculas. no flash either we were told that flash would be installed with the update. its also suppose to be in the market to download and its not. pay way to much for this kind of crap. if our phone are not going to support flash then we should have been told so upfront not lied to so they can get a sale. I either would have waited or bought other phones. verizon needs to fix our problems

  26. Ben says:

    Updated my phone yesterday and it killed it. its dead. its stuck in an incomplete wake up cycle and Verizon is sending me a new phone. but until Tuesday night i don't have a phone. This update better be amazing or someone at Verizon is getting there as chewed out.

    1. Rob says:

      I had the same exact thing happen to my ally. The phone keeps cycling through lg screen to verizonwireless screen and keeps looping until I do a battery pull!

  27. adam says:

    Worked lovely for me, updated yesterday morning, phone is blazing fast now. No flash is a flippin joke, but I don't think the phone is powerful enough to do it.
    Alas, we all knew we weren't getting full features with the ally, too bad the updates won't solve that. πŸ™‚

    1. Jaf says:

      I was disappointed in this as well. I did find an app called 'Big Photo Frame' that works, but isn't quite as nice as the picture frame that was on 2.1.

  28. Debby says:

    Received the update Saturday morning. I like the fact it displayes I have a new email but it also keeps a track of my message count and even when I delete the SMS messages it still shows the count unless I turn the phone off and back on. Much smoother transition. Pleased with the update.

  29. p***ED off verizon customer going to sprint soon! says:

    Update took all of 3 minutes and another 5 to reset the phone for a total of 8………..everything is good except the main feature…….text messaging DOES NOT work…….I use texting consistantly throughout the day on every jobsite to keep in touch with my crew………I’m ready to demand a differnt phone!

  30. Angelelements says:

    I'm am getting a brand new LG Ally this evening. I got it for free. I will update to 2.2 as soon as possible and let you know how my phone runs starting it off brand new.

  31. Katrina says:

    My phone took about 3 hours to update. (wtf?)
    Since then, I have NO silent button for the ringer. It only goes as low as 'vibrate' now. If I plug it into my computer to charge it, the 'found new hardware' screen doesn't go away no matter what I do.
    My text messages went from smooth with a black background to a white background that looks like isn't finished, if that makes sense. Texts take about 15 minutes to 'send'. My ringtones are all missing. Half my apps won't load. Apps I don't ever use keep turning themselves on and draining my battery. None of my notification sounds work. I don't get my texts under 10-15 minutes after the time stamp says they send.

    Thanks for the AWESOME update…..

    1. Jennifer says:

      I have all of the exact same problems in addition to a few. Now when typing texts or emails there is an annoying clicking noise with every key stroke. I have the audible touch tones de-selected but still it makes this noise. I had a seperate tone for email and a seperate tone for texts prior to the update, now I can't find where it is possible to change this. Prior to the update, a sent text confirmation was simply a small note that came up and said the text was sent, now I get a ringtone alert!? Really not necessary!

      1. Scott says:

        The audible touch tones setting is one of two. The second selectable option is in Settings under Language & Keyboard Settings. Press Android Keyboard (Onscreen keyboard settings) and unselect "Sound on keypress"!

        As for the vibrate/silent issue, I used to be able to select vibrate and then silent (in the decreasing scale of sound), but now I get either silent OR vibrate depending on which settings I select under SettingsSoundVibrate. "Always" causes the silent option to actually be vibrate, "Never" causes the silent option to be silent, "Only in Silent mode" causes the silent option to be silent, and "Only when not in Silent mode" causes the silent option to be vibrate. Very frustrating. Still researching.

  32. Angelelements says:

    Verizon is removing these phone's from they're shelves In march. I believ the LG Ally had 2 batches…. The first batch when the phone was released and you ALL had to run out and buy it.. and the second batch for people who are getting the phone this year. Do you know when you people got your phone?

  33. claire says:

    The update didnt take long and the phone and programs seem to be working ok…HOWEVER all my colors have changed as far as the contact section which is ok and the text message which I hate. Text files are now all light grey and it is hard to distinguish new and old cause they are all the same color. Does any one know how to fix this?

  34. shawn says:

    Did the update 2 days ago……my phone is constantly stuck on 80% battery….have turned phone off several times and even removed battery. Phone doesnt show me its charging anymore….red light just comes on……on text screen i press one contacts name and the contact at the bottom of the screen comes up…not the one i press….this update is not good…..phone does work faster tho……thats about it!

  35. laura says:

    is there no silent mode anymore? because it vibrates everytime i get a message or anything and it wont let me put the whole thing on silent… silent mode still vibrates… and my professors are beginning to hate me for it.

  36. matt says:

    took 5min. I've been waiting for this and am happy so far-no problems. Moved a bunch of apps to SD. I, too was excited about mobile hotspot–but didn't know it was 20 bucks πŸ™

    1. Patrick says:

      How did you move apps to your SD? I read that would be a feature but was disappointed to see there is no option to download new apps to the SD. I do have an app that transfers movable apps to the SD, but it was only able to move a few — and they weren't really "apps" anyway. Any suggestions?

    2. stephanie says:

      FYI instead of paying for mobile hotspot download the app "hotspot widget" it is free and works very well…the only problem I have had is it drains the battery so i would suggest keeping it plugged in if using. you will have to add it as a widget to your home screen once you download it.

  37. Thomas says:

    Update took 10 mins. phone works ok and i love the new look, but I wanted this update for the Adobe flash player 10.1! any help on this? i guess the Ally runs an ARMv6 and flash needs an ARMv7 processor. Ok then when will I be able to get this update?

  38. R Green says:

    EXTREMELY disappointed with this update. The update went fine, but since the reboot, I cannot tell if my text messages are going through, not receiving texts, keep having to turn the phone off and on just to get the texts, then I get like 20 at a time, killing the battery even when I try to stop all the apps that I do not want running, open a text and it pops up my keyboard without pressing anything so I cannot even read the message. Just very annoyed with this whole thing.

  39. Jenn says:

    Love the update…..except the grey boxes now for txt and gtalk…..I want the black back please!! There a little kinks you have to fix but changed a few things in the settings for sounds fixed it all….

  40. Gary says:

    Update went smooth. Took about 5min. Only problem so far is that I was unable to receive or send calls or text msg.’s until I restarted my phone. And not the restart it does upon completion of the update. I had to restart it again.
    So after you update and your wondering why you haven’t had a call all day. Test it out.

  41. JenWal says:

    Little annoyed that the message alert lights are all green now. I enjoyed knowing the difference between what was an e-mail and what was a text message, etc. Now, it's all the same and I don't know if it's something I should check immediately or not (usually pass on e-mails, and respond more quickly to texts). THIS IS A BUG, as it worked FINE previously…

  42. JenWal says:

    I found an ap called Blink, but half the reviews say it doesn't work with Ally, or it will until it reboots, and then no lights at all for anything. Also, I tried Handcent, which is ok, but annoying b/c if I don't check my messages in two places ('Handcent' and the 'Messages' menu), it tells me that I have 'unread' messages, when really I don't… I have disabled the little 'Messages' icon from popping up when I get a text, but when I go to unlock the phone, it tells me there are X amount of unread messages until I go into 'Messages' and actually click on them… Is there a setting to change this…?

    Has anyone else got a fix for this that won't cause me extra work and aggravation just to know what kind of alert I have for what kind of message?

  43. JenWal says:

    It also wiped out all of my texts with the install, which NOWHERE did I see that listed. Had I known, I'd have backed them up first. Almost wishing I could go back…

    Way to go Dev!

  44. alicia says:

    loved the update!!..until about 3 hours ago when i received notifications saying that I have unread emails and have been unable to get rid of it since! No matter how many times i check my email accounts and open unread ones and disable email notifications and stuff of the sort it insists on telling me i have one or more emails…duuuumb!

  45. Derek says:

    I have had an Lg Ally for about 3 weeks now. I am new to smart phones but learning alot by reading online.I installed the update a few days ago. Now my it locks up when using the phone for phone calls. It wont allow to me to hang up.I have to turn it off or take out the battery. When I turn it back on I find voicemails and texts from a earlier in the day or the day before. I thought it was just me,. I am not very tech savy with my phone yet still leanring.

  46. kim says:

    i HATE the new format for texting… the white screen sucks… the black screen was soooo much better and easier to read… i also HATE that i cant shut my sound all the way off… vibrate is the lowest it goes and i also dont like that when i go to just read a text the onscreen keyboard pops up all the time (which i never use… i always use the actual keyborad)…. they need to fix those problems and everything else will be fine.. any suggestions on how to fix those problems????

    1. steve. says:

      I loved my ally until this new update came and now i hate it. he problems you are going thru are exactly the same word for word as mine. I hate this.

  47. Rob says:

    Not happy that they took a way voice search on browser, and had to install voice something and then found that there is now a "Voice Search" that works. But, it isn't part of the google search where it was before. I don't like the coloring of read messages. And, my phone crashed today, had to pull battery. This has never happened before. So, I'm still dealing with some kinks. πŸ™ Would've been happy had I not installed.

  48. Matt says:

    I had thought the upgrade was fine until today when I tried to mount and sync my music using Windows Media. For some reason there seems to be an issue with a few other phones but I can't find a way to "mount" my android via usb. Anyone else having these troubles?

  49. bonz says:

    The update is very good. I think I have flash because videos I couldn’t watch before I can watch now. But my phone freezes up more to the point where I have to take the battery out. I’m hoping this is temporary until the kinks r taken out from the update.

  50. Jean says:

    For the most part, the change is alright. My phone is definitely more smooth and I'm sure people who use the on screen keyboard are happy. However, the picture widget completely disappeared and I had a picture or 2 on each screen. This makes me very sad face. And the sound no longer works in silent mode, vibrate mode, and ringer. Now you can only have 2. Considering I use all of them on a daily basis, this makes me even more sadface. If I could uninstall, I would.

  51. Rico Jr says:

    I received the update yesterday morning when I woke up at 6am. It took about 7mins. I really like the phone feature now being able to just select from the bottom of the screen as well as the browser, no app needed on the wallpaper. It seems to be smoother scrolling from one screen to the next. Some of my apps are updated along with it so a bit different. Problem I am having is my wireless is not connecting automatically. Also seems that there is no difference in java other than pages load quicker but still no streaming of vids right on the webpage.

  52. Alisha says:

    I HATE this update. I have been on the phone with VZ customer service over an hour now and we had to reboot my system and now the whole darn thing won't work. I HATE THIS UPDATE.

  53. ashley says:

    I got my 2.2 update at midnight on Friday.. I loved it at first until my phone started lagging.. internet won’t load half of the time.. and I keep losing service.. works for about an hour after I turn the phone off then back on.. I am soooo not happy with my froyo update):

  54. Emily Anne says:

    I got my update about 3 days ago. It took about 6 or 7 minutes but sat on the android screen in reboot for a good ten minutes.
    everything looks nice and smooth, the only problem was it froze up about 45 minutes after installation for roughly half hour. it took two battery pulls and plugging it back in to get it to start up again. i haven't noticed the browser to be any faster and i was really disappointed it didn't come with swype like i had heard. other than that still loving my ally!

  55. pam says:

    I’ve had the ally since the december 3rd and only had problems with my camera not working right, but now since the new update I’ve had to shut my phone off and on constantly to get txts, apps stay on when I don’t even use them, had my phone on the charger all day cuz it just wouldn’t keep a charge even with the charger connected but I found out that cuz with the new update you have to use the charger that came with the phone (my other charger has a longer cord) I’m not getting some of my calls. There’s a lot of things wrong with this!! Not cool at all, wish I never hit that update button πŸ™

  56. jim says:

    i got the update and love it .. but the one thing i have a prob with is the speech synthisizer program that allows you to make completely hands free calls through bluetooth isnt loud enough. if you turn up ear piece to hear it say speak now then when you place call the ring blows out your ear drum. can you please fix…

  57. cmahoney says:

    Got the update last week and it works great! screen rotation works way better and the display is much nicer. glad to see the call and browser shortcuts on the bottom of the screen. the only problem i found is that it no longer vibrates AND rings when i get a text, cant figure out why. installed the flash player and works great. overall, it cleaned up the phone quite a bit and made it a bit faster. cant wait for the next update!

  58. chris says:

    the annoying thing about the update is when you select a message with the phone horizontal, the touch keyboard automatically pops up. would be better if there was a setting for this.

  59. Jenny says:

    Got this update Sunday and the phone feature hasn't been able to make calls since. The calls go through (both making & receiving), but there is no volume, both for the person making the call and for me. Texting works fine. I don't seem to be able charge the phone past about 30% either.

  60. Alicia L. says:

    Anyone else having problems connecting to exchange email? First it asked for a password, did that, then it said connection error. Also don't see the corporate calendar anywhere. Notice a few other little app bugs, but do notice overall the phone seems snappier.

    1. Tracy says:

      I had that problem with the email when I tried setting up my Yahoo Mail account. It kept saying connection error and finally went through after about two dozen attempts.

  61. irkk says:

    I updated this 2 days ago and now all of a sudden I have no audio when making or receiving phone calls. I’m really regretting doing the update other then a few colors and some news app I don’t see what was so great about it!

    And I lost my picture frame widget!

    Also, to get back to putting your device on silent you need to go to settings and to sound profiles..its somewhere in there…

  62. Add another to the 'hate the update' list. Can't scroll through a website where I used to be able to before, home screen is slow to load, losing half the battery in a couple of hours of idle time. H A T E I T.

  63. guest says:

    since i got the update every time im texting with the keypad whenever i am texting if i hit certain letters it takes me to an app instead of typing the letter! how do i turn that off? still getting used to this phone

  64. I hit the install button for the update Sat eve. It crashed the phone. Black Screen. This is Tuesday, I have a new phone/ it turns on, it wont send or receive any texts, I have no data connection is the message I am getting. Frustrated doesn’t even come close. I am paying for a full data package for 2 of these phones and I would like my service prorated for the days I was unable to use it! AND I would like a phone that works…

  65. erin says:

    got the update a few days ago,took no more than 10 min. not so bad. it took me a while toget use to the new theme and finding all the new features. my fone vibrates when i get a notification now which is great.

  66. Tiffany says:

    Got my first update on Saturday night and when I updated my phone, it crashed my Ally to the point it would no longer turn on, charge, etc and wiped my Media Card. Because it was a factory problem, I got it replaced no problem on Sunday but had to wait for them to mail it in. When I got my new Ally in this afternoon, I got the notification that my 2.2 Froyo update was ready, I was hesitant but went ahead. This time it went through perfectly fine. I like the little new addition to the home screen, my contacts/phone logs, and my application lists.

  67. Tracy says:

    After waiting so long for Froyo, I finally got the update a few days ago and I'm disgusted. Somehow it deleted all my texts, the lock screen message counter not going away is ridiculous, the browser seems even more laggy than before and it took three days for it to let me set up my email accounts. I kept getting error messages saying it couldn't be configured with the server. Apps are constantly running like crazy even though I don't need them and didn't click on them. I did have Advanced Task Killer, which always worked perfectly before. I used ATK to save my battery (not necessarily to free up memory), and when I tried running it after the update, it didn't kill my music app or a few others. I uninstalled it thinking it would help, but no luck. My battery life's way worse than before, and I thought 2.2 was supposed to fix this.

    1. Alicia says:

      Hi, I am having trouble with my corporate email that worked fine before with the stock email app. It can't find a connection. Did you find a solution to yours?

      1. Tracy says:

        It's very bizarre… I kept trying and it kept saying "Unable to connect to server" or some such, but then all of a sudden it ended up working. I ended up doing a factory reset, which meant I had to do this all over again and had the same problem. I'm really not sure what fixed the problem but it eventually let me set it up. I hope you get yours worked out.

  68. jade says:

    …I thought I would be happy to get this acclaimed hyped up update…but I’m not. I like a few features but I dislike most. My texts hang forever before they send. I can’t. Seem to answer a call when it starts ringing, it lags before it even recognizes touch now. The clicking of the keyboard is so iphone its funny. Web pages don’t scroll the same, most of the time I have to be zoomed out entirely on a page to get it to scroll at all, which is annoying. Forces close on more web browsing now than ever before. System hangs before allowing a call to go through, and a major hang when you try to use call waiting. Not happy with this at all.

  69. michelle says:

    dont like the new update at all. volume control buttons are backwards. SMS light alert turns green rather than blue, so i cant differ sms from email. email message sounds cannot be changed, neither can facebook sounds- therefore ALL my notification sounds are the same..very annoying.

    please change the update back to the way it was BEFORE this new update!

    1. Tracy says:

      I noticed the volume control being backwards too. Makes no sense. I'm also hating that all my notification sounds are the same! I hope someone has a fix for this soon. It's REALLY annoying.

  70. Marc says:

    Phone was pestering me to update since Saturday. Finally got annoyed with it and updated Sunday morning. Completely bricked the phone, it was stuck an an endless startup loop. It would load up to the Verizon logo, then crash, then do it all over again until the battery ran out.

    Just got my replacement today. Installed the update, everything seems to be working fine.

  71. hugo says:

    This update won’t let me charge my phone in the car just. In the house… text won’t come in I have to turn off my phone and then they go thru… so crazy please fix..

  72. jason says:

    If you are having trouble with the update. Do a factory data reset and that should clear up the problems. I had to do it and yes it sucked loosing everything. But my ally is working 100% better

  73. destiny says:

    mine won’t go on silent! it goes to vibrate & when you hold the volume button down it keeps vibrating! & when you open the phone the volume’s backwards. i like it though, except that. (:

  74. Steven says:

    I updated my phone two days ago and everything works fine except for text messages. I can only receive. Every time I try to send one it stops immediately and I get the exclamation point saying message not sent. I tried turning it off a bunch of times and took out the battery as well but, still the same problem. Is there any way I can uninstall this update or any way to fix the texting problem?

  75. SaphiraMcCoy says:

    I'm sick of updates. Every time I get an update for my phone, it screws up like crazy. Since this "Froyo" update my apps have been crashing, I've been constantly signed out of Skype and email, I receive 2 separate notifications for text messages and using Handcent doesn't get rid of it. My text aren't sent or received til hours later, I can't end calls sometimes without removing the battery and often times don't even receive calls at all. Any voice-mails from those "unreceived calls" don't come through to my phone until after its been restarted. I try to go into any menu settings options and it backs out of it on its own. The sliders to unlock the screen constantly mess up and instead of sliding from left to right I have to slide it from bottom to top despite the direction the arrow's pointing. All this in 2 days. I'm going to Verizon for a fix today because this is ridiculous.

  76. Kenny says:

    The update has messed up trying to use the dialpad during automated calls. The voice will say "push 1 for english, etc, etc." and when you tap the screen to get the dialpad to come up, it lights up for about one second and goes off, then comes on again for another second, and then goes off. This flashing happens many times leaving you unable to hit the number you need to hit. Very frustrating. Text messaging doesnt work nearly as well either. Several messages say unable to send and never did that before.

  77. Tim says:

    The update itself was fine however, absolutely disappointed with the phone now. The themes are gone, can't change them, it deleted ring tones, texts are slow at best. Overall, the layout is harder to read, phone won't allow combining of multiple email accounts. Wish they had left it alone!

  78. nik says:

    I hate it. It no longer goes to silent only vibrate and that is not cool. I hate vibrate, it is louder than a ring most times. I hate the new colors of the call and text screen and that every time i try to look at a text it pops up the android key pad. I never use it and i like being able to tap to use it and not have it automatically come up.
    Very Very unhappy and Verizon will be hearing from me this weekend.

  79. really annoyed says:

    this update was anything but. My phone doesn't accept calls, text messages do not show up until I completely shut down and restart my phone. Text messages get stuck 'sending' and the only way out is to, again, shut down and restart the phone. I can't hang up phone calls without, you guessed it…And, when I restart the phone, it keeps changing themes on my phone. I don't get it…isn't this supposed to be better???

  80. Slinky says:

    As a lot of people I see on here, I also am havings major lock up, no phone calls, no texts, no alerts for the past 2 days nows. Have to restart phone every couple hours to see what I am missing. Huge pain. Calling verizon to see what their fix is.

  81. Miller says:

    Before, my LG Ally was smooth like butter. She ran great, never had any problems. This update has turned it into a useless piece of irradiated garbage.

  82. Elena says:

    LG Ally, phone worked well before update install. Now phone won't end a call incoming or outgoing. Randomly allows incoming calls. Text doesn't come in after phone freezes. Have to power down or remove battery to get phone to work until the next freeze. Frusterated!!! Took to Verizon, their solution was to send new phone fedex. After transfering all data to new phone….took it home only to have the problem start again. At the moment, Verizon not being to helpful in fixing the problem. Currently a very disappointed Verizon customer!!! Aggh, I need my phone back in working order!!! I NEED A FIX ASAP!!!!!

  83. Dax says:

    received system update…couldnt send or receive text, phone calls were freezing, couldn't access browser and thought it was coming with flash…why release an update without trying it on multiple phones…NOT happy with verizon service at all since getting my new phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. JimmyFW1 says:

    Downloaded in about 12 minutes. Nice improvements on the dialer/call screens. 3G Mobile HotSpot got me excited, until I learned it was $20 more per months.
    And then Froyo killed my Ally. Disabled my 3g connectivity. Can't stay logged onto the web for more than 30 seconds. No Market access. Spent hours on the phone with 5 different Verizon techs & their only solution is to replace my phone. Said, oops it happens some times. Don't blame us, blame LG.

  85. Powhatan Joyce says:

    I am so far happy with this udate the more I mess with it..I can actually get animated GIFs from the web and send them and they actually move now…I don’t know why they took some simple things away like not being able to turn off the slide out keyboard unlock I liked it better when I can choose if it unlocks when I slide the keyboard out ….and my gps is never where I am it always at least a mile away from where I am but def more pro’s than con’s

  86. Greg says:

    After the update, my phone runs even slower than it did with 2.1, which was pretty slow. Now e-mails don't sync up unless I power cycle the phone (battery removal/re-installation), the phone will ring for a split second and hang up on the caller, my unlock function doesn't rotate according to the phones position some times. The coverage indicator now is weaker than before, phone calls get dropped alot and phone calls are choppy, even in well covered areas. I bought this phone for a general purpose business phone and I'm starting to be sorry I did. I may be looking at going back to my black berry if they dont fix these issues.

  87. Anthony says:

    got the update worked okay til i couldnt send or receive texts, i did a factory reset, it worked for about a minute and now its back to the same damn thing, and the volume button is dumb now, and the notification light is green for everything, im goin to verizon right now to see what they can tell me about this horrible update, i looked forward to this for months and now i wish i had 2.1 back, at least it freakin worked right

  88. Rap says:

    Update isn't working good for me. I had the update 2 days ago, and now 1/2 the time I have to power off the phone in order to hang up from a call, I didn't receive at least 3 calls I know of yesterday(and the missed calls & voice mails never showed up either), also I never got texts yesterday until I powered off the phone and the whole days worth showed up at once. I've been calling verizon and keep getting disconnected from tec support. I am now waiting for them to call me back on another phone after they trouble shoot mine-insane!!

  89. Debby says:

    Ok…I went ahead and did the factory reset on my Ally and it really fixed alot of issues. It was a good suggestion. I had the original Froyo 2.2 update and this update…it did my phone good to have a fresh start. It's a bit of an inconvenience but helps in getting your phone where it should be.

  90. Ben says:

    Ever since the froyo 2.2 update my LG Ally runs soooo much slower then before. My battery dies faster because of apps that won’t stop running…I can’t figuer out how to shut down the browser all the way. Every time I exit out of the browser useing the home key and try to kill the task it goes away from the task killer list but when I open the browser back up its still where I exited from. And I’m even useing the advansed task killer froyo…this update is the worst thing that happened to my phone. No problems with texts or calls though.

  91. Stephanie D says:

    Since the update my phone force closes every time I hit the home button. Also, the screen flip is much slower and often freezes. I loved my Ally before the update. Not so much now.

  92. krychick says:

    I just installed the update and was thrilled, as I had been waiting for it for so long because the Flash site said you needed droid 2.2 to upgrade and I have been wanting to play my favorite flash game on my phone. Imagine my disappointment, after waiting all this time, to find out my LG Ally, even after upgrading, my phone is still not compatible. Other than that and my screen settings getting scewed up, the phone seems to be running faster while using the internet. Guess I am going to have to buy a new phone if I want to play my game.

  93. stacy says:

    I am so annoyed with this update. My battery is being eaten like crazy. I have to turn off and return on the phone to get my text messages. I end up with vm, even though the phone NEVER rang. My phone freezes in the middle of a call, I can’t hang up even when it doesn’t freeze. Some of the downloaded ringtones are missing. Very dissapointed. πŸ™

  94. dan says:

    All of my notification sound are now just one… the option to have different sound notifications for ur gmail, yahoo, and txt messages are still available, but I can only hear the one notification ringtone for all of them…. this sucks!!!

  95. cools says:

    Update killed my SMS messaging. Like the internet and phone buttons next to the app list, but not enough to justify taking away my texting! πŸ˜›

  96. Sherry says:

    No problems. Texting is fine, battery is better, phone is snappier, and I can install more aps because of the ap to sd card option. Love the update. Good job!

  97. John Sharp says:

    The update went fine. It seems to have mucked around with 2 things which are annoying.

    1. Wifi: it used to automatically find/connect to my home's wireless network, now it sometimes does not without me manually trying to reconnect. Sometimes this work, sometimes it does not.

    2. Web Browser Scrolling: when using the web browser to access my work email via webmail.tfn.com, the scrolling/movement via swiping by finger no longer works. This means I cannot magnify or move around within my email client. Very annoying.

    Again, the update went fine, and I like everything else so far about the update with the exception of the above two issues. I can be contacted for more details if need be at johnsharp123@yahoo.com .

  98. Diane says:

    Really messed up my phone now I have turn my phone off to hang up calls and i dont get all my texts I have reprogram my phone with *228 a least 5 times a day

  99. tjmann says:

    very disapointed i dont receive calls or sms since download. have to also restart my phone then goes off the hook with missed sms. whats up with this like older version better

  100. Jeff says:

    My update took about 10 minutes. My phone seems to be running better. No problems with it at all. I'm glad I am able to tether now! Not sure of the other new features. Very happy with the update.

  101. Chuck says:

    Received the update today. It downloaded and upon restart it locked the phone up. Now it flashes between the LG start screen and the Verizon wireless screen. I called Verizon and they said it wasn't their problem and I should buy another phone!

    1. Chuck says:

      Verizon denying any problems with their update. But since my phone was locked up in the update mode and they could see it, I get another phone free.

  102. Tony says:

    Has really slowed down my phone. When moving around icons, I can no longer move them from one screen to the next. I have to trash the icon, move to the screen I want, then add the icon back. Lost the ability to assign ringtones to individual contacts. When I go to my picture gallery, the background loads, but it takes the picture folder several minutes to load, if they load at all. Lost all ability to kill tasks, so my battery only is lasting a fraction of the time it once did. I've not had as bad a problem with freezing as some others, but it is happening. Text and calls have been okay, so far.

  103. Marnin Lack says:

    I used to be able to silence my email notification and have a ring tone for messages and phone calls. Now this is no longer possible even though the option is still there to have e-mail silenced. The phone does not recognize this setting after the upgrade. With all the e-mails I receive it is very annoying and the only option I am left with is to silence both my messages and e-mail. Not a very satisfactory solution.

  104. Huge Problem says:

    My phone is crap now after this update. If they cannot make it right, easily, I am switching, blogging about it and hitting all the message boards. Too many of us having problems for them to not issue a mass fix.

  105. Myles says:

    I can’t text out. Can receive. And now I have a minimum of my contacts as both VZW customer and tech support had me factory reset. I asked if I should take the time and back them up, but they said ‘oh your google account should back all of that up once we’re done with the reset’, didn’t happen.

    So now I can’t text and a lot of appearances have changed for unpleasant ones like the contact view and the SMS view. And I’m unhappy with Verizon and this phone and this update. I want Android 2.1 back. At least then I’d still have my contacts and could text.

    Update 2/2/11: I've now had two new phones sent to me from Verizon. Both can't text.

  106. Frankie D says:

    I knew better and wanted 2 wait a week or so to get the bugs out ( I am an experienced Windows updater after all) but it kept bugging me to update. ##!#
    Update went smooth and was complete in 10 minutes. Love the voice dial that now works with my mono BT headset. Too bad it won’t charge the battery anymore. Well sometimes it does. Othertimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it saya it isn’t when it really is and othertimes it isn’t when it says it is.
    A week into the update and it is acting totally funky. It closes screens on it own. Reopens them and likes to jump to the google search box on. Its own. It might go back to where you want 2 be but usually just closes the app on me.

  107. Chris says:

    My wife's Ally won't send text messages out constantly now after the update, will work for a couple of hours and then nothing. Found her a back door, can still send a picture message during the times she can't text message, not the best of solutions but it still lets her communicate.

  108. anon says:

    I updated my LG Ally and loved it until I discovered I can’t send texts anymore, which is a big thing for me.

    I’m so upset. I called verizon’s technical support and they apologized and said they didn’t know anything and told me to wait and and call them later. So I did. My phone still wasn’t working so I called back and ended up getting a new LG Ally from them a day later (though they were reluctant to even send me a replacement).

    I got my new LG Ally yesterdy. After a lot of frustration trying to activate it and get everything synced, I did the update again because I figured they sent me a new phone and it should be okay now. But it messed it up again. Same problems.

    I really enjoyed my phone before. I’m going to call them again and see if they can help but so far I really have my doubts.

  109. Marissa says:

    phone says "# messages" and I've checked EVERYTHING in my phone for possible "messages" and I have nothing unread! It is very frustrating. Also, when texting or on facebook using the keyboard and I type in a letter it will go to some other app in my phone, for example: if I type "hey" i will press 'h' then once i press 'e' it will go to internet…it does this frequenly and is very aggravating. I have to restart my phone for it to go back to normal. These are the only two problems I have, other than that it is fine.

  110. John Cantrell says:

    When I found out about 2.2 being released, I didn't wait for the OTA to kick in, I waited over two weeks on the last update for it to hit my phone but not this time. I went to LG's website and downloaded the updater program to my PC and then updated my Ally. Everything went smooth and worked great, phone was faster, no problems on texting, no problems anywhere. Got the app app2sd and placed every app I could on my sd card. Still no problems. Then I got a new 8 gig card, copied everything from the original card to my PC through my card reader, formatted the new card IN THE PHONE and copied everything over to the new card using the card reader. Again NO problems, yet. I downloaded a virus checker that has active scan (it stays active and checks apps as they are downloaded and messages etc…. My phone now will say at random times sd card now ready, sd card removed, sd card removed unexpectedly, sd card has errors, and will shutdown and reboot or hang on the android screen for what seems forever before finally booting. unmounting or just removing the card then reinserting it doesn't always work. I got to thinking because everytime I got the sd card removed or removed unexpectedly I would get a message saying that active scan was started. I uninstalled the virus checker program and so far no problems. I have not done a factory reset, only done the soft reset of removing the battery while powered on. So it seems that the virus checker program just didn't play nice with 2.2 or with something else…. Check your apps – remove them one at a time, if it doesn't clear it then that app is probably ok reinstall it and remove the next one on your list, always remove the app that was installed just before the problems started and that will most likely be the culprit.

  111. Tomaz Ybarra says:

    I only had the Ally for a few weeks before the update, but now, my phone's home screen constantly crashes when leaving any screens or applications to go back to the home screen. Typically I can tap the home screen button a few times and it will come back up, but every now and then, the phone flat out crashes, and I have to eject the battery and restart the phone. So far just an annoyance. But something I didn't have an issue with before the update.

  112. Mike says:

    I got a text message saying that the update was avaliable, but when I got to "about phone" and system updates, it says I have the most current version with 2.1

  113. Hunter says:

    The update took only a couple of minutes, which was great. What wasn’t great is the fact that it slowed my phone down A LOT. I thought this update would help but this turned out to be the worst one yet..

  114. Angela says:

    it force closes all the time. when i try to text on the keyboard and press "y" for example it shortcuts to youtube. and for "e" it goes to email. this is not acceptable. i will randomly be on my email and it will just flash to youtube. i feel there are way too many issues with this phone. i loved it before the update, but i dont know how to change it back.

  115. Michael Grazier says:

    Was happy with the update until a couple of evenings ago when I discovered the phone (lg ally) would not send messages. Called Verizon tech support where they told me this was an OS issue with the upgrade. Remedies?

  116. jyw says:

    The update caused problems with my phone and then my boyfriends (we both have the Ally). I had to get a replacement. I had it 10 days and woke up this moring to a completely dead phone. Verizon is now sending out two more replacements.

  117. Jacquelynn Bedell says:

    It ran fine on my ally at first… Now i receive no notifications of texts or calls or voicemails unless i restarts my phone. I only noticed this one day because i thought my phone was quiet that day and restarted it. I received 22 texts from who knows when in the day and voicemails also. Randomly if i try to call by clicking on a contact instead of manually dialing the number it adds 0111 in front of the number making it impossible to complete the call. Speaker phone turns itself on and off during a call and ive never had that problem before. Boyfriends does the same and won't let him hang up on outgoing calls unless the phone is restarted… I now hate my phone and I, going to the verizon store immediately. It's too troubling to have a phone you pay $200 dollars a month on the bill that doesn't work when you need it to.

  118. Kim says:

    Not good :(. I haven't had problems with this phone (my 2nd) until this update. Have had to pop the battery out twice b/c it was frozen. Pandora shuts down. Text messages don't show up and then force closes. I wasn't able to make a phone call for about an hour b/c the phone pad wouldn't open without crashing. Really wish there was a way to uninstall this.

  119. tazman says:

    my mom has the phone and now when ever shes turns off the screen it wont turnit back om and shes has to take tha baterry out but itll light up on the keyboard

  120. After update my phone will run the back and search keys on its own i cant run any apps, send any txt, or make any calls without it going to Google search screen or backing out. really hard to txt because when it backs out. the msg i had typed so far wasn’t always saving as a draft. ive tried battery pull, factory resets… i went to verizon and i was told for an additional 20 plus the low price on the phone there i could up grade… (with a renewal of my 2 year contract) Ive been loyal for over 10years with verizon and sadly i cant say ill be with by the end of the month. let a lone an other 2 year of high than the comp prices…

  121. Joannayantosh says:

    After I replaced my cracked screen on my LG Ally, I get no visual diplay, just a black screen.
    Any idea what part I might have put back incorrectly???

  122. Nicole says:

    my phone always continues to to black out and turn itself off. sometimes itll turn itself off 2 times in 10 minutes. its very slow and doesnt want to take calls over receive texts or let me download apps.

  123. I have an LG Ally, and it shut itself off and its giving me the “Blue” led flashing light. well i googled it and i found out it was “updating” but its been over 12 hours since that happened and my phone will not boot up. My service is currently suspended so should it still update the OS even if the service is off? ive already tried taking battery out and putting it back in it didnt work, also left the battery out for almost an hour then put it back in and again it didnt work…anyone got ideas wtf is going on here lol…thanks

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