iPhone 5 Mass Production Begins in May

We known all the iOS faithful out there are hanging on for every smidgen of word on the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5 as it is being called and today we have a bit of news as to when the mass production of that device will begin.

According to a article over on IT Proportal by Desire Athow, according to China’s Commercial Times manufacturing partners of Apple will start iPhone 5 “volume production” sometime in the month of May 2011, and possibly near the start of that month.

According to the article the iPhone 5 is expected to see launch on June 6th during the first date of Apple’s WWDC 2011 at the Moscone Conference Centre in San Francisco, although let’s face it that is just speculation as Apple hasn’t confirmed this will happen.

Also in the Commercial Times report it stated that the production of LCD panels for the iPhone 5 and Apple iPad 2 could be produced by Chi Mei Hon Hai whilst responsibility for producing capacitive sensors for the screens will be done by TPK Chen Hong.

So there you have it the latest rumour that the iPhone 5 may just come out to play during WWDC, which is something we are all expecting anyway. Of course with all the rumoured sightings of the white iPhone 4 hitting inventories perhaps Apple will launch a white iPhone 5 on schedule this time.

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