iPhone And Android Prime Targets For Software Developers

It’s not very surprising but apparently according to a recent survey the iconic iPhone and Android are the prime targets for mobile software developers; however Research In Motion and Microsoft are doing better as tablets multiply.

According to an article over on CBR Mobility, virtually 92 percent of software developers have concentrated their efforts on the iPhone and iOS a survey from app platform Appcelerator and IDC reports.

Apparently the survey took in more than 2200 developers with most expecting to deliver more complicated application across most platforms in the future.

The Apple iPad, Android apparently tied with Motorola for second place with 87 percent of developer interest, but there has been a sharp rise in developer interest in the RIM BlackBerry Playbook at nearly 28 percent, whilst the Motorola Xoom and Android tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab garners interest from 74 percent of devs.

According to an article on Reuters, Scott Schwarzhoff, of Appcelerator said… “Cloud connectivity, location and social will define the experiences of most applications this year and going forward.”

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