Next Generation Apple Peel 520 Sports GPRS: Video

When the original Apple Peel 520 came along the device basically it changed your iPod Touch into a working iPhone accepting a SIM card and enabling the user to shoot off texts, and there appears to be a new version on the horizon.

What we have here courtesy of the guys over at Engadget and by way of Yosion and also M. I. C. Gadget is some video footage of the second generation Apple Peel 520, which as you will see in the footage enables the use of GPRS data.

This second generation Apple Peel 520 also looks to add a lot less bulk to your Apple iPod this time round and more resembles the iPhone 4, which isn’t a bad thing.

Unfortunately though no other details have been revealed about this 2nd-gen device so we’re not too sure when we are likely to see it become available, and what price it may command. Still nip on down and check out the three minute video to see what you think…enjoy.


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