iOS 4.3 Compatible AirPlay Apps Approved by Apple

With the present iOS 4.3 beta it appears that Apple is at last opening up their AirPlay feature for 3rd-party developers and although iOS 4.3 is yet to be released it looks like Apple is already approving iOS 4.3 AirPlay enabled applications.

According to an article over on Mac Daily News and by way of App Advice, the first iOS 4.3 AirPlay enabled app is known as StreamToMe and has already gained App Store approval.

StreamToMe, available from iTunes for £1.79 enables the user to stream video content to their Apple TV and the feature needs iOS 4.3 to function, so for now if you are not a developer you won’t be able to try out the app.

Apparently StreamToMe isn’t a brand new app and word on the application was floating around back in November, and according to the article the “scenario isn’t really game-changing,” however it is good to know that Apple is opening up the AirPlay feature.

Furthermore, the article states that with Apple approving iOS 4.3 apps it could mean that an iOS 4.3 release isn’t too far away. So what are our reader’s views on this matter; is Apple preparing to release iOS 4.3?


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