Boonbag Tablet Holder for iPad & Kindle: Differently Weird

If you are in the market for a tablet holder for your Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle or other tablet device we have one for your consideration today called the Boonbag, which has been designed to hold tablet PC’s and e-readers.

The main selling point with the Boonbag for tablets seems to be its flexibility in as much as it conforms to uneven surfaces unlike static tablet holders. Apparently the Boonbag is comfortable to use whether sitting on a couch, at a table, one a bed or out at the park.

The Boonbag can be use in any position and can use any tablet or e-reader due to using 360 degree nano hook and loop tape which is positioned centrally on the cushioned accessory and can be removed and washed when required.

The Boonbag comes in a wide range of coloured high-quality, soft leatherette that is slip resistant, and incorporates tiny polystyrene beads known as EPS cylinders for its adaptability.

The Boonbag tablet and e-reader holder commands a price tag of 59 Euros and is available from Boonbags.com with free shipping in Germany or 12.90 Euros for the rest of the world.

Sounds like a reasonable accessory for holding your Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or other device steady on uneven surfaces, but to use the holder would mean sticking a slab of Velcro onto your device (Please read below) , and would you be prepared to do that?

Update: We have made a terrible mistake and wish to say the sorry part now, SORRY. We had an email saying:

Thanks for your article about the Boonbag. One big misunderstanding I just saw.
We don’t use a Velcro for fixing it on your device. It’s a nano-hook tape, which works by a vacuum effect. Really cool and innovative. No glue or magnet. Nobody would place a Velcro on their devices. Please can you correct this?

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