Facebook HTC Phone Rumours Won’t Die

The rumour of Facebook putting out their own mobile phone has been around for donkeys and nothing has eve come of said rumours, even though Facebook has denied they are planning a Facebook smartphone as reported (here) but the rumours just don’t seem to want to die.

According to an article over on Engadget a couple of separate sources that have reported the appearance of a “call button” on certain Facebook user pages, the first of which is from the Boy Genius Report.

Apparently the BGR gained some info from a tipster that was part of a focus group for an upcoming product that could be the Facebook phone and gave the guys a few features of the device which include, always-on GPS, everything cloud based and no local storage, news ticker style notifications, and location aware coupons.

The second source is City AM, with an article that says an “unnamed source” has leant that HTC will apparently debut not one but two Facebook phones during Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, and as for details on the two devices, as usual they are a tad scarce.

Apparently though the HTC Facebook phones will sport Facebook colours and branding and a “tweaked version” of the Android operating system. Furthermore, apparently Facebook’s Matthew Papakipos and Joe Hewitt are behind the rumoured launch.

So there you have it the latest rumours of a Facebook phone, and as MWC 2011 isn’t that far away we’ll soon find out if there is any validity to these Facebook phone rumours or if they will finally be killed off.

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