Twilight: Breaking Dawn Saga Book iOS App

If you own an iOS device and are a fan of the Twilight Saga and enjoy reading eBooks then you just might like to know that the Breaking Dawn Twilight Saga Book 4 by Stephenie Meyer is available to download to you Apple device.

Breaking Dawn: The Twilight Saga Book 4 is for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad and delivers a “natural book-like reading experience” with full pagination, table of contents with single click navigation, horizontal or vertical page orientation, swipe to turn page, search text within the book, and create margin notes.

The Breaking Dawn: The Twilight Saga Book 4 iOS app also offers paper-like backgrounds, brightness adjustment, each title has cover art included, page numbers, running heads and front matter, and iTunes bookstore integration.

The author, Stephanie Mayer has penned both Twilight New Moon and Twilight Eclipse, and now Twilight Breaking Dawn.

The Breaking Dawn: The Twilight Saga Book 4 for iOS devices can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad at a cost of $10.99 by hitting up iTunes. We have a fan made video trailer of Twilight: Breaking Dawn for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of YouTube user TheEclipseTrailer…enjoy


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