BlackBerry and Internet Blocked in Egypt

If you enjoy using the Internet or own a BlackBerry smartphone you don’t want to live in Egypt at the moment as apparently the Egyptian government has blocked all international Internet connection along with blocking service for BlackBerry smartphone users.

According to an article over on Technobuffalo, and by way of Reuters, on Tuesday Egypt began by blocking Twitter and on Wednesday blocked Facebook and Google as apparently many people were protesting on Facebook calling for the end of the 30-year rule by president Hosni Mubarak.

The blocking of service to BlackBerry handset user along with SMS messages is an attempt by the Egyptian government to put a halt the way protesters were organising.

Having said that, if people want to protest loud enough simply cutting the Internet and BlackBerry service isn’t going to stop them, and if it does then what does that mean for the people of Egypt, will they be forever cut off from the world wide web, and never again have use of their BlackBerry handsets?

What about other smartphones, surely there must be other handsets in Egypt that can send SMS messages and access such things as Facebook and Twitter, so does the government completely shut down all communications for good?

If the people of Egypt have had enough of their president then surely it is their right to get rid of him?


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