Nexus S, Nokia N8 Need for Speed Shift Comparison Video

We have a little gaming performance battle video for your viewing pleasure today of Android verses Symbian^3 or in this case the Google Nexus S verses the Nokia N8 running Need for Speed Shift, but which device comes out on top?

The Nexus S against the Nokia N8 Need for Speed Shift comparison video comes our way courtesy of Daily Mobile via one of their forum members, and originates from YouTube user Macintoshmorrison and delivers two minutes of both devices in a side by side gaming battle.

There seemed to be some debate over which smartphone wins in this battle over on the Daily Mobile forums, with most coming down on the Google Nexus S side as the winner, with one member saying that the Nexus S is faster but not by much and that just proves how optimised the Nokia N8 is.

Personally I’m not a ardent gamer and when I play these racing games after one race I lose interest, but on looking at the video, the Nexus S does have the larger display and looks to be brighter colour wise. So we’d like our readers to check out the video comparison and give their opinions to our comments area below as to which smartphone wins the fight…enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Nexus S, Nokia N8 Need for Speed Shift Comparison Video”

  1. adil w says:

    the N8 has better colours, soft on the eyes and easy to look at . The other phone has over saturated colours, maybe cause of the diffrence in display technologies used. Otherwise both phones performed the same !!

  2. Rockster says:

    N8 has a higher definition on the screen yet nexus s has brighter. This is because the N8 has a thicker volume of touch screen glass. Using amoled gorila scratch resistance glass. Because of this the nokia n8 cannot be brighter.
    I am a nokia fan, and i definetly go with N8.

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