Windows Phone 7 Update Release: Codename NoDo Coming

The wait is nearly over for because the new Windows Phone 7 update release is coming soon; yes the new software will be released over the next week or so.

The new Windows Phone 7 update has been codenamed “NoDo” according to Pocker Gamer, Microsoft have already updated its support sites to help those that are having problems with the software update for Windows Phone 7, so this surely means a release is imminent.

Does make you laugh in a way considering Microsoft is preparing itself for the worst, thanks to a few details via After Dawn it shows that the new update may possibly bring copy/paste capabilities, improved search function and faster loading times.

There is no news on the exact release date as of yet but we will keep you posted, join us via Facebook or Twitter for updates. Will it run smoothly? Wait and see shall we.

Talking about Windows Phone 7 you may wish to read the latest news via SFGate covering the Windows Phone 7 and its slow start in the fourth quarter. Please let us know if you own a WP7 smartphone and what you think of it.


4 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 Update Release: Codename NoDo Coming”

  1. mick says:

    I've owned one for half a week love it. Works for business and social great. Though I am getting infuriated by the lack of copy and paste for when I quickly want to send clients a weblink. This update cannot come soon enough!

  2. Pat says:

    I've had a focus for the last two months. Absolutely love it. I can see the need for copy/paste but have only run into a few times where it would have been useful. I like how they took the best of the Android and iPhone and put it together in such a pretty way. Ease of use like the iPhone and a functional home screen like the android. This is by far the best looking phone OS out right now.

  3. Jody Wallin says:

    I purchased a Samsung Focus 3 weeks ago. Prior to that I used a AT&T FUZE for 2+ years. I must say I like Windows Phone 7 very much. Like others, I am looking forward to updates, but I am glad I made the switch. I've been an HTC phone owner for about 5 years, and it was hard decide to switch, but I'm glad I did. The Focus is a fantastic phone. Beautiful screen, amazingly fast and responsive. NO Regrets.

  4. Que Dome says:

    I was an iPhone user for two years and really like that device, but the Samsung Focus WP7 offers some great things I like, as well…great screen, easy access to necessary apps, and I love the way it only shows me the latest new mail as opposed to all unread mail in the counter on the mail icons. But, the lack of apps and an annoying bug where the Marketplace will fail to load (only fix is to reboot) has me concerned, not to mention that Microsoft still seems to miss how to generate the Apple mystique. If they want buzz, why wait so long for an update…they are losing customers, not gaining them. Finally, put some cash in the accessory market…nothing more depressing than an electronics store filled with iPhone speakers, radios, and accessories…with nothing for WP7.

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