World’s Richest People: Filthy Rich iPhone App

Being rich is a dream we all have and here we have an iPhone app called Filthy Rich, this app will give you a lot of information on the world’s richest people.

This Filthy Rich iPhone app features the top 50 richest people in the world and each person you read about gives you news on how they became rich and how much they are worth.

The top richest man was Bill Gates and that has changed recently because Mr. Gates has been knocked down to second place, which puts Investor Warren Buffet in the number one slot worth an estimated $47 billion according to Post Chronicle.

Download this Filthy Rich application via iTunes on your iPhone and check out names such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Lawrence Ellison, Carlos Slim Helu, Karl Albrecht, Ingvar Kamprad and so many more.

You never know if you win the lottery you may make it one day onto the list, how much are you worth?

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