3DBoard iPhone Jailbreak in Cydia: 3D icons

Jailbreak apps are becoming very popular indeed and a new one to hit is 3DBoard iOS jailbreak, this one will make a little difference to your homescreen and icons.

3DBoard basically makes your icons stand out in 3D without the need of those ghastly glasses one needs for a 3D experience, thanks to a press release we found out a little more information as well as a YouTube video (Shown Below) that we found via Faster Pony.

3D Board uses the iPhone’s built-in sensors and the software within gives your icons a 3 dimensional look, this will be released in Cydia very soon and Apocolipse are the ones that need the applause here.

3DBoard can be used for iPhone’s. iPads and iPod’s running iOS 4 etc, this will only cost you $4 once released.

Please do watch the video below and let us know what you think, we cannot wait to hear from you. If you like the above news you might want to head on over to iDB and read the 3DBoard vs. DeepEnd, this is a good read and we suggest it.


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