Ringtone Remix Pro App for iPhone Available

For those iOS device owners that enjoy being creative when it comes to ringtones there’s a new app available on the App Store that enables the user to create their own free ringtones from music they already own.

The Ringtone Remix Pro app for the iPhone from Electric Pocket puts apowerful ringtone creation studio right onto your iPhone so you can create ringtones from your iPod music along with the ability to connect with Dropbox to sync and share your ringtones.

With Ringtone Remix Pro the user can zoom in and choose their favourite part and use it as a ringtone, preview the tone to see how it will loop, opt to have the ringtone fade in as an escalating tone, and select the ringtone as a caller ringtone or calendar alert.

With Ringtones Remix Pro making a ringtone is easy all the user needs to do is choose a track, select the section they want from the real music waveform and then save it as a tone and to select a particular part the user just slides the start and end sliders to a specific area and hit save.

The Ringtone Remi8x Pro app for the iPhone is available right now to download from iTunes as a cost of $0.99.

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