BlackBerry Botox: No Not a new RIM Smartphone

With all the strange and wonderful names smartphone manufacturers come up with it wouldn’t surprise me if BlackBerry Botox was a new smartphone from the RIM camp, but it’s not. BlackBerry Botox is apparently a form of Botox treatment been dubbed BlackBerry Botox by women.

According to an article over on This is London, top cosmetic doctor, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, has said that many women are resorting to “BlackBerry Botox” a form of Botox treatment to erase wrinkles which are cause by squinting at a smartphone.

Apparently gawping at your smartphone for hours on end “scrunches up the face” causing a tension area around and between the brows. Apparently it’s a new experience that can affect anyone that regularly looks at their mobile device.

Dr. Sebagh, spoke to The Evening Standard saying, “This phenomenon is not unusual with women living in London and the South-East. It can be seen on anyone who has and regularly checks a BlackBerry or iPhone. The natural tendency is to squint at the screen when reading messages and as a result some people develop this area of tightness/small frown lines between the brows, which is easily rectified with the light use of Botox by an experienced doctor.”

Nicola Joss, a London beauty therapist knows of BlackBerry Botox by way of her customers and says “I’ve noticed a huge difference over the past 18 months in my clients’ faces – it’s the constant peering intently down at that mini screen. It’s the same with an iPhone.”

Apparently, wrinkles caused by smartphone usage is the latest condition doc’s attribute to overuse of tech, and others include “BlackBerry thumb” caused due to constant texting.

Thus it would appear that your smartphone isn’t that good for you, although I’m not too sure about naming treatments after BlackBerry as surely any smartphone will cause the same so why not “iPhone Botox”, Nokia N8 Botox, and another thing, do men suffer from the same thing?

So here’s the question, have any of our readers noticed more facial wrinkles since using their chosen smartphone?

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