Motorola Xoom Android Honeycomb Handled on Video

As you are probably aware the Google guys held their Android Honeycomb event yesterday, which basically let everyone know what to expect with the new tablet specific operating system, and at the event there were fully functional Motorola Xoom tablets on hand.

Thus we have a couple of hands-on videos for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Engadget who were at the event. The first video delivers six minutes of Monster Madness playing nice on the Motorola Xoom, and they say the game is 100 percent playable.

The second video delivers about four and a half minutes of Google IQ playing nice on the Motorola Xoom, which is a type of shopping list featuring coupons and works in both landscape or portrait orientation and delivers a two pane view on tablet devices.

I figure that the best way to find out about both is for your to jump on down and hit the play buttons rather than me rattle on as a visual presentation is far better than simple having to read, so I’ll let you get to it and feel free to give us your opinions on the videos by posting to our comments area…enjoy.


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