Nokia Accessories: Bicycle Charger Kit heading for India

Some time ago Nokia came up with an accessory for charging their mobile phone whilst on the move when on a bicycle, the accessory is called the Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit and word has it that the Nokia Bicycle Charge kit is now headed for India.

According to an article over on Techtree, the Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit will become available in India sometime next month and will command a price tag of Rs. 1499.

The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit delivers approximately 28 minutes of talk time for every 10 minutes of cycling at a speed of over 6kmph and works against a dynamo from which the charger recharges.

The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit includes the Nokia Bicycle Charger DC-14, Nokia phone holder for bicycle CR-124, and bottle dynamo, you can check out all the specifications of the Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit by hitting up here.

Nokia sales rep Jatin Kaushik, has said…”The device is targeted at markets like India, and is bound to do excellently well. The company plans to bring Bicycle accessories including the dynamo charger, by the end of Feb, latest by March this year”.

And just so you can check out the Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit in action we have some video footage for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Thefonecast, so hit that play button and enjoy.

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