Apple iPad 2 To Be Unveiled at iOS 4.3 Event

A new rumour is hitting the net waves concerning the unveiling of the next generation Apple iPad, namely the Apple iPad 2, which has it that the new iOS device will be unveiled at an iOS 4.3 event next week.

According to an article over on Laptop Shop, German website Mac Notes has apparently learnt from iPad accessory business sources that Apple has planned an iOS 4.3 event for developers and will showcase the Apple iPad 2.

Apparently the same source has also come up with some details such as the Apple iPad 2 will sport a MiniDisplayPort, an Apple A5 processor and will resemble the iPod Touch 4G, and apparently the source agrees with the rumour that the Apple iPad 2 will be a US exclusive for about 3 months.

Previous rumours have claimed that the Apple iPad 2 may be released at the Apple event on the 9th of February due to an image of an iPad sporting a calendar icon showing that date, as reported (here).

So there it is for what it’s worth, maybe Apple will unleash the Apple iPad 2 next week , maybe not, but as the 9th is just a few days away, we’ll find out soon enough.


4 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 To Be Unveiled at iOS 4.3 Event”

  1. pcow says:


    Latest version iPad 2 by Apple now in market. Apple added iOS 4 for iPad 2. This version will be helpful for all. High regulation and iPod touch 4G-ish are in this version.

    Go to the link and see exclusive video footage.

  2. James says:

    If it's US exclusive for 3 months, then Apple can go f*ck themselves and many people (including myself) will go to the competition for a tablet 🙂

  3. Chad says:

    James… Congrats. You will have a sh*tty product 3 months before I get my Ipad2. 3 months lets them get the bugs out. I see this as an advantage.

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