Official Blogger App for Android Released

For all you blogging fans out that that use Google’s Blogger and own an Android device, you can now update your Blogger site from your smartphone, and Google has now released the official Blogger app for Android.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Simon Sage, by way of Blogger Buzz, once you grab the official Blogger app from the Android Market users can post, upload images, share their location, and all the usual gear you’d be able to do from the web.

The Blogger app for Android also features support for multiple accounts and blogs and you can also save drafts so you can work on your post later. There’s also photo taking right from within the app to include in your blog post.

I have a Blogger site myself so I’ll have to download this to my Samsung Galaxy S and give the app a try, and for anyone else wishing to try out the official Blogger app for Android running 2.1 or above, it is a free download available from the Android Market Web Store or by hitting up the market via your device.

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